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Welcome to the Food Section of!
Since 2009, I’ve been renewing the connection between sensual , cultural, diverse, and intellectual nourishment by offering readers a virtual taste of passionate reviews and assessments of different food sources and resources. uses food as an important source of knowledge about different cultures, traditions, and societies by initiating discussions and encouraging thoughtful reflections on the history, literature, representation, and cultural impact of food and society.

Welcome to our global table!

We have 2 sections: International and Local

Part 1: Food is fun in other countries.

Singapore: Din Tai Fung

Copy Din Tai Fung 006

Singapore: Daniel Boulud’s db Bistro Moderne
DB 15

Singapore: Epicurious

Copy Epicurious SG 016

Singapore: Private Dining at Chef Mickey’s

Chef M 003

Singapore: Stellar of Altitude

Copy Altitude Gallery 100

Singapore: TWG Tea Salon and Boutique Singapore
TWG Ion Orchard SG 005

Singapore: Wild Honey
Copy Wild Honey SG 003

USA: Olive Garden, San Francisco, California

Copy San Fo Olive Garden 006


Part 2: But food is still more fun in the Philippines.

Alabang: Café Año
Cafe Ano 003

Antipolo: Laya
Laya Dining 011

Antipolo: Vieux Chalet
Vieux Chalet

Baguio: Café by the Ruins
Cafe by the Ruins003 copy

Baguio: Café Sabel
Final Cafe Sabel 005

Baguio: Choco-late de Batirol
Choco-late de Batirol027 copy

Baguio: Oh My Gulay
Oh My Gulay012 copy

La Union: Olives Restaurant
Olives Restaurant 011

La Union: Vegas Restauarant
Vegas Cafe Final 007

Laguna: Sulyap Gallery Café @ San Pablo, Laguna
Sulyap Cafe013 copy

Makati: Korean Garden
Korean Garden 3

Makati: Lolo Dad’s
Lolo Dad's 033 copy

Makati: Le Souffle

Mandaluyong: Frazzled Cook
Frazzled Cook 002

Manila: Barbara’s
copy Fine Dining at Barbaras 001

Manila: BRGR Project Taft
Copy BRGR Project Manila 030

Manila: Ilustrado
Illustrado 029 copy

Manila: La Cocina de Tita Moning
Resto_La Cocina0033

Manila: Lolo Dad’s
Lolo Dad's 013

Manila: Midas Hotel
Copy Midas Hotel 004

Manila: Spiral Restaurant of Sofitel

Sofitel 008

Manila: Sun Cruises Manila Bay Sunset Cruise
copy MB Dinner Cruise 012B

Marikina: Isabelo
Isabelo's 044 copy

Marikina: Pan de Amerikana
Pan de Amerikana0017 copy

Pasig: Café Juanita

Pasay: Resorts World Manila at Newport City
Resorts World018

Pasig: Angel’s Kitchen
Angels Kitchen018

Pasig: Muruve by Pino
Muruve by Pino Launch Compilation 1

Pasig: Oakroom, Oakwood
Oakwood Restaurant 004

Quezon City: Alba
Alba 004

Quezon City: Bellini’s

Quezon City: Black Soup Café + Artspace
Black Soup Proj002 copy

Quezon City: BRGR: The Burger Project
BRGR Project009

Quezon City: Café Sweet Inspirations
Sweet Inspirations136

Quezon City: Chateau Verde
Chateau Verde022

Quezon City: Chef Tatung’s Private Kitchen
Chef Tatung058 copy

Quezon City: Chocolate Kiss
Chocolate Kiss007

Quezon City: Gayuma ni Maria
Gayuma ni Maria296 copy

Quezon City: Kiss the Cook Café
Kiss The Cook101

Quezon City: Pino Kitchen Studio
copy Italian Cooking  017

Quezon City: Pino Resto Bar
Pino030 copy

Quezon City: Romulo Café
Romulo Cafe007 copy

Quezon City: Stacy’s
Stacy's 004 copy

Quezon City: Toast Box

Quezon City: Van Gogh is Bipolar
Van Gogh086

Quezon City: Volare

Quezon City: Va’Pensiero
Va Pensiero004 copy

Quezon City: Zucchini’s
Zucchini's 002

San Juan: Café Ysabel
Cafe Ysabel Final Set007

San Juan: Café Ysabel (Revisiting)
Cafe Ysabel Final Set001

San Juan: Lemuria
Lemuria 002 copy

San Juan: Lugang Café
Lugang Cafe 008 copy

Tagaytay: Antonio’s

Antonio's 042 copy

Tagaytay: Bag of Beans
Bag of Beans 026

Tagaytay: Bawai’s Vietnamese Kusina
Bawai 3

Tagaytay: Breakfast at Antonio’s
Bfast Antonios 000

Tagaytay: Buon Giorno, Tagaytay
Buon Giorno039 copy

Tagaytay: Fire Lake Grill
Fire Lake Grill011 copy

Tagaytay: Hawaiian Bar-b-que
- Hawaiian Bar-b-que 001

Taguig: Chef Laudico
Chef Laudico Final001

Taguig: Chef’s Table by Bruce Lim
Chefs Table 010 copy

Taguig: F Restaurant @ BGC
Final Premier F1 Buffet 040 copy

Taguig: Midnight Mercato @ BGC
Midnight Mercato 004 copy

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