Food Trip: Italian Cooking Classes at Pino Kitchen Studio

19 February 2012

Food Trip: Italian Cooking Classes at Pino Kitchen Studio

I first met Celebrity chefs Ed Bugia, Nino Logarta, and Jonah Trinidad in early 2010 during Pino Kitchen’s Studio first press launch. I’ve been in contact with these three cool chefs ever since. They’d invite me to press launch events, coffee learning sessions, restaurant openings (e.g Brgr Project, Muruve, Pino Resto Bar), etc.

One of their many projects is Pino Kitchen Studio. Hey, I’ve had my bday celeb 2 years ago there too.

What is Pino Kitchen Studio?
Pino Resto Bar’s Executive Chef Edward Bugia, along with business partners PJ Lanot and Star Jose, team up with Qtv Celebrity chefs Nino Logarta and Jonah Trinidad to establish a one of a kind cooking workshop that aims to cater to the growing foodie market in the country. “Pino Kitchen Studio offers a variety of short courses that ranges from various basic International cuisines to specialty lessons for housewives, kids, household help, and more! Students can choose between day seminars and monthly/weekly short courses.”

I’ve had quite a few classes in Pino Kitchen Studio in 2011, from coffee learning session, to my unique cooking bday celebration (yes, instead of partying, I asked my friends to join me cook), to the recent Italian Cooking Class.

Why Italian cooking class? I say, “why not?” I love Italian cuisine. I love fresh tomatoes. I love fresh pasta. I adore risotto! So when I learned that Pino would have an Italian cooking class, I texted Chef Ed right away to reserve me a slot.

First Dish for the afternoon: Pasta
Most Filipinos use ready-to-cook pasta which is readily available in packed plastic bags in grocery stores. Chefs Ed and Nino taught the class on how to make pasta from scratch – – from making the dough, rolling the dough, and cutting it up.
copy Italian Cooking  008
Chef Nino demonstrating how to use the pasta maker while the others work by hand. Making pasta from scratch = tough love. You get to have bigger biceps after each batch of pasta.
copy Italian Cooking  024

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Event: Bonifacio Global City Passion Parade

05 June 2011


Event: Bonifacio Global City Passion Parade


Received an email four weeks ago from a blogger friend, inviting us to watch the first ever Bonifacio Global City (BGC) Passion Parade. Several groups were invited by the BGC management to show their passion for different hobbies, sports, pets, and clubs during the parade on May 28th and June 4th at 5 PM.


We were supposed to cover the event on its first weekend, May 28th. However, due to the heavy rains in the Quezon City area, we decided to let the first one go and attend the second parade scheduled on June 4th instead.


On June 4th, we witnessed the second run of the First Giant Balloon Parade brought by Bonifacio Global City (BGC). It was a Filipino version of Macy’s Thanskgiving Parade. The parade passed through the main streets of Bonifacio High Street. It featured big colorful displays of 7 to 12-foot high giant balloon sculptures. It also featured several groups with members passionate about their hobbies, sports, clubs, pets, etc. BGC’s passion communities were composed of cyclists, runners, skateboarders, Miata sports car and Mini Cooper enthusiasts.
BGC Parade 2011 004 copy
BGC Parade 2011 005 copy

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