About MyMai

My Mai

Fundacion Pacita B&B 010

I am Mai, a Computer Programmer by education, a contact center manager by profession and a photographer, a foodie, and travel enthusiast by passion.

I have two major dreams to date:

First, I aim to be a true cosmocrat — a global citizen who could move freely throughout the world – embracing and exploring new experiences. I travel in and out of the country to experience other towns’/countries’ customs, traditions and culture. I aim to share these experiences with others via photography and writing.

Second, I aim to realize one of my ultimate dreams in the near future — To live a life worth living and help others do the same. Then write about it and capture its moments through photographs — and help others also write about their lives and mentor them on how to capture their life’s milestones and moments in snapshots too.

mailovestoeatandtravel.wordpress.com is the by-product of two of my hacked accounts (worldslocalcitizens.com and mailovestoeatandtravel.com). mailovestoeatandtravel.wordpress.com still aims to encourage Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike to go explore the Philippines and the countries around it.
Shooting More Fun in the Philippines


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