Road Trip: Swiss Alpine Village @ Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort

April and May have been extremely busy months. With my risk and compliance roadshows in the office, IT migrations for Dhomz, juggling Masterals and teaching for my bro, and Dad’s legal consultations in his office, it was extremely challenging to plan our family’s annual summer get-away — extremely challenging that Dhomz and I had to postpone our Greece trip to another month. =(

May 7th. Thursday. Thursday: a day not usually spent for family summer get-aways. But the Pascua fambam went anyway. Well, almost all of the Pascua fambam went (my bro had a faculty manual draft presentation at school).

Since we had to move our out-of-the-country trip, it was but important that we spend this summer vacation in a nearby location which would still give the vibe that we’re in another country.

Do you feel like going to Switzerland this summer?

Welcome to Alpine Village at Crosswinds!
1a Welcome to Alpine Village

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