Food Trip: Bawai’s Vietnamese Kusina, Tagaytay

Bawai’s Vietnamese Kusina, Tagaytay


Vietnam has been known as an amazingly exotic tourist spot known for its breathtaking natural beauty and astonishing Asian cuisine.


Vietnamese cooking remains as a fascinating draw for tourists. Traditional Vietnamese cooking is immensely admired for its fresh ingredients, minimal to nil use of oil, and dependence on herbs and greens. With the balance between fresh herbs and meats and a selective use of spices to reach a fine taste, Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide.


For Filipinos who do not have the luxury of time to go and travel to Vietnam, the second closest thing to tasting a healthy authentic Vietnamese cuisine is to visit Bawai.


Bawai means grandma in Vietnamese.


Yong and Virgilio Tatlonghari opened their cozy home for weekend dining.


Bawai Hiden Restaurant is a Vietnamese restaurant in Tagaytay (and they now have a branch in White Plains too) which serves authentic home cooked Vietnamese food. This refreshing restaurant which sits beside a cool green garden, is located at the second floor of Bawai’s house.
Bawai 1a
Bawai 1b


Bawai Yong is the person behind this refreshing restaurant. When we visited her, Bawai cooked the healthy meals herself and she imported the ingredients straight from Vietnam.


Our meal starts with tea.
Bawai 2


Goi Cuon (P195) Vietnamese Fresh Lumpia – fresh noodles, fresh caramelized pork and steamed shrimp roll wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper, served with special Vietnamese sauce. Highly recommended.
Bawai 3


Com Suon Cha (P310) Grilled Pork Liempo with Mushroom Egg Pie and Greens.
Bawai 4


Ca Nuong Xa Ot (P385) Grilled Lemongrass Dory Fillet withcold Manggoe Salad
Bawai 5


Ton Rang Me (P395) Spicy Tamarind Prawns with Chives
Bawai 6


Pho Bo (P260) Traditional Beef Noodle Soup with Herbs and Spices. Highly recommended especially while hot.
Bawai 7


Banh da Lon (compliments of Bawai). Vietnamese sapin sapin, made of pandan and monggo beans.
Bawai 8


Ca phe Sua Nong (P75) Vietnamese hot coffee with sweetened condensed milk. This remains to be as one of my favorite coffees.
Bawai 9


Going to this Tagaytay is an adventure in itself. Hence, besides researching for their phone number for reservation (shown below), it is but also useful to research on how to go to this hidden restaurant too (details also shown below).


The adventure and the extra effort to research is definitely worth the wait. The restaurant and its dishes are amazingly refreshing; marrying good food, great ambiance and healthy fresh dishes. This restaurant definitely has my two thumbs up.



Food Spot: Bawai’s Vietnamese Kusina
Address: Brgy. Bukal, Silang, Cavite, Philippines
Telephone Number: +63.927.697.0445, +63.915.403.5155
Budget: PHP 500++
Others: Reservation in the Tagaytay branch is highly recommended. Coming from the Tagaytay Rotunda, turn left. Drive along the national road and turn left into the Lagusan Drive (before the road going down to Sta. Rosa). When you are in the Lagusan drive, just go straight and you should see Dominican house of Prayer on your right, Shin International School on your right, Toscana Farms on your left, and the Dona Leoncia Country Retirement homes on your right. After Dona Leoncia, turn right on the road with a sign that says Purok 5. You should see Bawai on your left.



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