Travel Spot: Camaya Coast Weekend Get-away

Travel Spot: Camaya Coast Weekend Get-away


Mai. Five-day work week. Eleven powerpoint presentation decks. =/


Dhomz. Six-day work week. One-man shift. =(


Yes. It was a hectic week. =$


Saturday. Restday. Time for some R&R away from the Metro. =)


Saturday. Away from the metro we go. Off to a beach resort. Off to Camaya Coast. =D


“CAMAYA COAST is a 354 hectare project located along the coast of Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines. This project has an ECO-tourism theme, which is very popular amongst Filipinos, especially those belonging to the higher earning income bracket. Hiking, Downhill biking, fishing, scuba diving, and MANY more outdoor pursuits will be available.
The CAMAYA has two beautiful private coves, and works its way up to 300M above sea level with Mariveles Mountain behind it. This project will feature – several gated villages, hotels, restaurants, a large sports complex and other commercial areas.
CAMAYA has an UNBELIEVABLE white sand beach. It has 3.2KM of private beach, with one cove having pure white sand (no rocks!) that extends to about 200M out to sea. It has a gradually sloping terrain, suitable for beach tourism.”


Trip began with an air-conditioned one-and-a-half-hour ferry ride to Camaya Coast Port at 10 in the morning. Guests were expected to check in an hour prior. For those who couldn’t bear traveling by sea. Land arrangements in air-conditioned busses were also available. The road trip would take 3 hours from Manila.
Camaya Coast 1
Camaya Coast 2
Camaya Coast 3
Camaya Coast 4


Camaya was being promoted by the developer as the Little Boracay of Bataan. Whilst the developers try to to mirror Boracay, the resort was nowhere near Boracay’s fine powdery white sand nor Boracay’s comfortable amenities.
Camaya Coast 5


A very simple complimentary lunch of rice, adobo, fish fillet, liempo, and buttered vegetable was provided. Lunch was served beside the nearby outdoor set of a live band. As food and drinks would be confiscated upon entry, guests would buy additional snacks and beverages at the nearby snack shacks.
Camaya Coast 6

The area currently holds an infinity swimming pool, a game room with one billiard table and one ping pong table, a restaurant which was for the exclusive use of hotel guests, an event hall, bikes to nature trail, and a boutique hotel. Guests were free to use non-motorized beach equipment such as kayak, snorkeling gear, and body board.
Camaya Coast 7
Camaya Coast 12
Camaya Coast 13
Camaya Coast 9
Camaya Coast 10
Camaya Coast 8

Camaya Coast 11



Camaya Coast has huge tourist potential. However, areas for improvement were still highly evident:
1. Availability of limited amenities. Our ferry holds 60 guests max. Bus to the venue carry around 80 guests. Around 2 to 3 busses bring guests everyday. With only 22 lockers, less than 20 shower cubicles, and 10 hotel rooms, expect long queues in the resort. A fellow blogger advised to go straight to the locker and shower rooms as soon as we arrive. We had to make do with the locker despite its faulty lock. A locker with faulty lock. We had to reserve it as t’was the second to the last available locker. We left our bags of clothes but we went around the resort with our valuables.
2. Poor food quality. For a highly hyped up beach resort of fuego hotels; salty adobo, overcooked buttered vegetables, tough liempo, and soggy fish fillets were totally unexpected.
3. Staff availability. Service was okay. However, given the sea of people in the resort, it was challenging to get the service the guests needed. We were expecting welcome drinks when we arrived, but there was no staff to welcome us at all. We had to figure our way around the resort, asking other guests for directions. We had to search around the resort for someone who could advise us the ferry schedule back to Manila.


Camaya Coast has huge tourist potential. Fuego Hotels just needed to sort out some of its AFIs first. In the meantime, if you plan to go to Bataan for the summer, I suggest that you go to Anvaya instead. Read Anvaya blog here.


Ohhh, did I mention the cove and its surrounding towns lost its power early evening?


Saturday. We had time for some R&R away from the Metro. =)


Yes. It wasn’t the perfect weekend get-away. =/


Saturday. Back to the metro. Back to the metro’s comfortable amenities. Goodbye to the sea of people packed in one cove. Back to the metro. Hello, electricity. =D



Travel Spot: Camaya Coast
Address: Camaya Coast, Sitio Wain, Barangay Biaan, Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines
Telephone Number: +63.47.791.4897
Budget: PHP 3,000++


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