Travel Spot: Camaya Coast Weekend Get-away

Travel Spot: Camaya Coast Weekend Get-away


Mai. Five-day work week. Eleven powerpoint presentation decks. =/


Dhomz. Six-day work week. One-man shift. =(


Yes. It was a hectic week. =$


Saturday. Restday. Time for some R&R away from the Metro. =)


Saturday. Away from the metro we go. Off to a beach resort. Off to Camaya Coast. =D


“CAMAYA COAST is a 354 hectare project located along the coast of Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines. This project has an ECO-tourism theme, which is very popular amongst Filipinos, especially those belonging to the higher earning income bracket. Hiking, Downhill biking, fishing, scuba diving, and MANY more outdoor pursuits will be available.
The CAMAYA has two beautiful private coves, and works its way up to 300M above sea level with Mariveles Mountain behind it. This project will feature – several gated villages, hotels, restaurants, a large sports complex and other commercial areas.
CAMAYA has an UNBELIEVABLE white sand beach. It has 3.2KM of private beach, with one cove having pure white sand (no rocks!) that extends to about 200M out to sea. It has a gradually sloping terrain, suitable for beach tourism.”


Trip began with an air-conditioned one-and-a-half-hour ferry ride to Camaya Coast Port at 10 in the morning. Guests were expected to check in an hour prior. For those who couldn’t bear traveling by sea. Land arrangements in air-conditioned busses were also available. The road trip would take 3 hours from Manila.
Camaya Coast 1
Camaya Coast 2
Camaya Coast 3
Camaya Coast 4
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Food Trip: BRGR Project Taft

30 November 2012

Food Trip: BRGR Project Taft

There’s a new baby! No, not a real one – – not a human one that is. BRGR Project of Maginhawa Street, Quezon City has a new baby, and it’s located in Manila!


BRGR Project of Quezon City celebrated the birth of its first franchise in the Grand Towers, Vito Cruz, Manila. Bloggers, writers, and photographers were invited to its press launch last September 2012.


Going to Manila was an adventure in itself. I never knew that Vitto Cruz was same as P. Ocampo Street. Talk about renaming streets – – old names and new names, hence poor old QC girl me drove along EDSA, turned right at Taft, and realized that I should have turned left somewhere when I was in front of the Philippine General Hospital.


U turn here. U turn there. U turn everywhere for an hour. Another road adventure continued.


After one hour of u-turning at all possible u-turn slots, after an hour of enjoying my road adventure, my gastronomic adventure would soon start at the Grand Towers. It finally started when I realized that Vitto Cruz was same as P. Ocampo street.


Fast forward to the gastro adventure.


BRGR Project Taft also exuded the same cozy comfortable atmosphere of BRGR Project Maginhawa.
Copy BRGR Project Manila 001
Copy BRGR Project Manila 003

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Food Trip: Team Building at Midas Hotel

24 November 2012


Food Trip: Team Building at Midas Hotel


October marks the start of another quarter. Another beginning. Another opportunity to once again exceed targets.


To start our 4th quarter strong, a strategic planning session slash team building session was held at one of the best venues for creating fond happy memories. The Venue: The Midas Hotel.


“Along Manila’s famous strip by the bay, in a landmark edifice that exudes elegance and sophistication, the newest boutique hotel that sets new trends in the hotel industry opens. Midas Hotel surpasses international standards of service and hospitality.
In the tradition of excellence set by the building’s former occupants, The Sheraton, Savoy Philippines and Hyatt Regency Manila, this 227-room hotel continues to be THE venue for creating fond memories.”


And fond bonding memories of my management team were indeed created. Thanks to the ultimate dining experience at the 2nd floor of Midas Hotel.


Our Midas Cafe dining experience started at the bread corner where several types of breeds of different sizes, lengths, widths, texture, and calorie content were available.
Copy Midas Hotel 001


Salad bar was available for the diet-conscious guests.
Copy Midas Hotel 009


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