Food Trip: Brunch at Wild Honey, Singapore

30 July 2012

Brunch at Wild Honey, Singapore

Grrrrowwwwwlll. It was 4 in the morning in Manila and I was driving my car like crazy along the wet C5 road, driving myself to the airport. Growwwl again, said my tummy. For crying out loud (pun intended), I need to have breakfast. Soon.


Fast forward to 10 AM. Shopping along Orchard Road, Singapore. I, with my UP college buddies Mia and Lee Ann couldn’t concentrate on shopping. We needed to have breakfast. Soon. And I remembered Ayn’s lead re Wild Honey along Orchard. Oh goodie.


What’s up with these growling tummies? The answer came straight from Wild Honey’s intro statement – –
“Our grandmothers were right when they said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And you’ve probably noticed that over the years, breakfast and brunch have grown beyond the simple human need to “break the fast” after a night’s sleep. You could say that breakfast is the modern meal.”


Wild Honey is a cozy brunch restaurant in Singapore, dedicated to serving all-day limitless and delicious brunch meals, catering to different types of palettes — sweet, savory, spicy, classic, and simple.
Copy Wild Honey 101

Copy Wild Honey SG 001


Guests need to wait to be seated, as the resto gets crowded on certain days. Note that the Scotts branch takes reservations, however, the Mandarin branch does not. Guests served FCFS-first come first serve – style.

Copy Wild Honey SG 011


Guests order at the counter. Choices are available at the chalkboard and/or at the iPad stations.
Copy Wild Honey SG 008


My choice, mildly Spicy Food. The Tunisian is Wild Honey’s signature dish, a sizzling pan of spicy shakshouka of tomato stew with onion, red pepper, chili, and chorizo sausage with two fried eggs, served with signature brioche and israeli salad. Good ambrosial appetizing enticing food.
Copy Wild Honey SG 003


Lee Ann’s choice, European, $18. Eggs benedict done the Wild Honey way. Prosciutto instead of the normal bacon wrapped around poached eggs and sautéed mushrooms over lightly toasted brioche bread and Hollandaise sauce. Delish mouthwatering dish.
Copy Wild Honey SG 004


Mia’s choice, Italian. Classic open faced, Italian style fritatta with sliced vine, ripened tomatoes, fontina cheese and baby spinach. Not exactly for meat lovers. But oh so good enough for me.
Copy Wild Honey SG 007


For beverages, I had the green apple juice and Mia had iced tea. Ensure to mention that you want your drinks iced, as drinks are normally served lukewarm by default (hmmm, lukewarm, probably a Singaporean-thing).
Copy Wild Honey SG 005
Copy Wild Honey SG 006


For dessert was a-okay Apple Pie.
Copy Wild Honey SG 009


A-okay food in a very cozy restaurant with good company in a tourist-friendly country surrounded by very attentive mostly Filipino resto staff. Oh, growling tummies, no more! =D

Copy Wild Honey SG 002


Wild Honey. Good choice for brunch.



Restaurant: Wild Honey
Address: 333a Orchard Road, 3rd floor, Mandarin Gallery, #03-02, Singapore 238897
Telephone Number: +65.6235.3900
Website: http://
Budget: at least $18 (SGD)
Open on: 9 AM to 9 PM Monday to Sunday


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