Food Trip: Not So Frazzled at The Frazzled Cook

30 June 2012

Food Trip: Not So Frazzled at The Frazzled Cook


Fat Michael’s is a pioneer of the cozy and homey dining experiences in Manila. It has been famous for its flea market appeal – – that everything has been mixed and matched. Read, no two chairs are alike, no table nor chair comes as a set, no two plates have the same design, no two platters have the same eclectic motif. Still can’t imagine how the place looks like? Think Café Juanita-style, complete with wonderful clutter all around.


Fast forward to 2012. Fat Michael’s no more. Its disappearance not so publicized. For those who missed dining at Fat Michael’s, fret no more as its more mainstream counterpart is still very much in existence.


Welcome to The Frazzled Cook, Fat Michael’s more mainstream counterpart in Mandaluyong.


Frazzled Cook still maintains Fat Michael’s eclectic touch of mismatched chairs and tables. Shaby chic gone a little more elegant.
Frazzled Cook 007

Frazzled Cook 006
Frazzled Cook 005
Frazzled Cook 004

Frazzled Cook 003
Frazzled Cook 008
Frazzled Cook 014

Frazzled Cook 001


Food was okay, quite typical of homecooked meals – – tasty and flavorful. Yet food lacked a distinct taste. A distinct taste that would make you clamor to go to Mandaluyong and brave the traffic at any given time.


Terdeloin and Sausage Pizza. Sean liked his pizza. Very much I guess. He had the entire pizza all to himself.
Frazzled Cook 009


Seared Salmon with Mango Salsa in Curry Pilaf. An a-okay meal for resto guests who are watching their weight and keeping their cholesterol low
Frazzled Cook 010


Wagyu Salpicao with Garlic Rice. One of the best sellers. Soft and tender wagyu beef married with crunchy garlic chips.
Frazzled Cook 011


Tenderloin Nuggets with Mashed Potato on Flat Bread. Perfect for meat lovers who will enjoy tender pieces of steak and button mushrooms.
Frazzled Cook 012


Pasta Aligue. Nothing fancy. Good pasta.
Frazzled Cook 013

Pot of Hot Tea Pure Green Tea with Lemon
Frazzled Cook 002


For first timers, do not let the distinct taste or the lack thereof, discourage you. I still do highly recommend The Frazzled Cook for newbies who could no longer experience Fat Michael’s homecooked meals and crazy chaotic beautiful clutter. The Frazzled Cook experience is the closest you can get to the Fat Michael’s.


Food Trip: The Frazzled Cook
Address: 916 Luna Mencias Street, Barangay Additional Hills, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Telephone Number: +63.782.5980, +63.725.3354
Budget: PHP 300 to PHP 1000


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