Food Trip: Catching Up at Café Año Alabang

15 July 2012

Food Trip: Catching Up at Café Año Alabang

“Written on one side, in black ink in neat cursive handwriting, is:

Why didn’t you tell me there was danger? Why didn’t you warn me?
Ladies know what to guard against, because they
read novels that tell them of these tricks

I recognize the quote from Tessâ”


“Ma’am Mai, we’re here.” I snapped back to reality as I looked out the car window to survey the area. Mom’s driver was right. We’re here. I put down my 50 Shades of Grey book to send a message to my former college roomies, advising them am in our meeting place.


Fifteen minutes later, Lee Ann arrived. Twenty minutes after, it was Mia’s turn to show up at the quaint and cozy Café Año at Westgate, Alabang.
Cafe Ano 002


Formerly known as Café Adriatico, the restaurant is now under new management and was renamed Café Año. The cozy elegant ambience sends off a fine dining vibe, but the prices are definitely not as high.


“Café Año serves sumptuous Regional Filipino cuisine. The restaurant serves dishes from popular Filipino breakfasts, to classic lunch fare, to the typical merienda all the way to dinner. Every meal can be topped off with a dessert that has a Filipino twist to it.” Café Año
Cafe Ano 001


T’was my second time to eat at Café Año. Both counts of visit never failed to amaze me with the restaurant’s delish food, superb attentive service, and reasonably priced dishes.


Disclaimer: Pardon the photos. Failed to bring my DLSR, hence my iPhone had to do the food photography gig.


Isda ni Juan Tamad – Isda at Laman Dagat, Riverfish and Seafood Treasures – P335
Deboned Pla-pla marinated with limejuice, deep fried and accompanied with steamed kangkong, okra, and 4 dipping sauces.
Cafe Ano 003
Cafe Ano 003b


Kare-kare (ox-tail) – Mga Tampok na Lutuin, Main Course – P375
Stewed in peanut sauce with assorted vegetables accompanied with spiced bagging and mango salad
Cafe Ano 004


Sotanghon Guisado – Afternoon Delight – P168
Sautéd fine glass of vermicelli noodles with lots of vegetables, shrimps, chicken fillets and roast marinated pork loins
Cafe Ano 005


Pork Sinigang – Lutong May Sabaw, Soups – P300
With fresh sampalok, gabi, labanos, mustasa, and kangkong
Cafe Ano 006
Cafe Ano 007


Crispy Pata – Mga Tampok na Lutuin, Main Course – P375
Whole leg of pork deep fried, has dipping sauce
Cafe Ano 009


Canonigo – Desserts – P135
Soft merengue coated with pastry cream and ripe mango balls
Cafe Ano 010


Oh, we loved everything! Good customer service, very attentive waiters. Elegant, cozy, comfy ambiance. Ambrosial, appetizing, delectable main course. Equally as delightful, divine, and enticing desserts.


Fast forward to 9:30 PM. After two hours of fine dining, drinking, excitedly chatting about our old UP college stories, nostalgically reminiscing, and spontaneously planning an out-of-the-country trip 2 weeks from now, it was time to hit the north-bound road and bid Lee Ann and Mia goodbye. It was a good night for dining with real friends. It was a good “catch up” night, sharing stories about our current and not-so-current lives.


‘Til the next get-together girls. ‘Til our next get-together. I’ll see you again 2 weeks from now at the airport for our impromptu out-of-the-country trip.


‘Til then.


For now, am going back to my world with Mr. Christian Grey.
50 Shades of Grey Book


Food Trip Spot: Café Año
Address: 807-808 Westgate Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number: +63.2.771.1281, +63.2.771.1282
Budget: PHP 300 – 1000
Other Details:
Operating Hours
Sunday – Tuesday 7:00am to 12:00am
Wednesday – Saturday 7:00am to 2:00am



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