Travel Spot: Falling in Love with the Waves of Bolinao (@Puerto del Sol), Pangasinan

18 June 2012

Travel Spot: Falling in Love with the Waves of Bolinao (@Puerto del Sol), Pangasinan


After countless rescheds since March 2012, it finally happened! Our team’s going to Bolinao! Finally! Yey!


It usually takes 6 hours to get there via land and we had no idea how to go there. Boo. But we have GPS in CPA’s car. Yey! He has wifi in his car too. Double Yey! But there’s weak signal after Tarlac. Boo. But we have an in-built cinema in the car. Yey! But Jei’s crazy DVD speaks French instead of English. Boo! Oh, the DVD has 30+ movies in it. Yey!


After watching Snow White and the Huntsman, after a quick breakfast in Tarlac, after attempting to watch Prometheus and Madagascar 3, and after singing “Call Me Maybe” complete with the crazy dance for the nth time, we’re finally in Puerto del Sol — 5 hours after leaving Manila. Were we really driving for 5 hours? Joy ride made fun with happy crazy people.


Joy rides. It’s more fun in the Philippines.


Welcome to Puerto del Sol! We got there a lil past 9 AM, a few hours prior check-in time. What to do? What to do ’til all 3 rooms are available? Lots! Lotsa lotsa lots!

Copy Bolinao 001


Time to shoot around first. To check out Puerto del Sol’s amenities and facilities.


Cafe del Sol is Puerto del Sol’s indoor restaurant serving international and local dishes.Copy Bolinao 005 Copy Bolinao 002


La Playa. Puerto del Sol’s Lounge by the Sea. Wine and dine by the sea.

Copy Bolinao 004 Copy Bolinao 003


Playground for kids and kids at heart.

Copy Bolinao 006


Beachfront! Beach Adiktus. We are.

Copy Bolinao 007


Outdoor Pools.

Copy Bolinao 048 Copy Bolinao 053


Jacuzzi for everyone.

Copy Bolinao 062


Reading Nooks at the Green Lush Gardens

Copy Bolinao 064 Copy Bolinao 066 Copy Bolinao 067

Copy Bolinao 069

Copy Bolinao 070

Copy Bolinao 065Copy Bolinao 068


At 10:30 AM, our group was called at the front desk. Our travel agent arranged a quick land tour around Bolinao for all of us, Â a quick land tour which lasted for 2 hours covering 4 Bolinao tourist destinations.


First stop. SeaCave owned by Puerto del Sol. I fell in love with the sea again. Yes, sea. Not the usual falling in love with the beach. I fell in love with the sea again — with the big waves, gigantic water splashes, jagged rock formations, blue clear skies, the works.

Copy Bolinao 008 Copy Bolinao 009 Copy Bolinao 010 Copy Bolinao 011 Copy Bolinao 015 Copy Bolinao 017 Copy Bolinao 020 Copy Bolinao 019 Copy Bolinao 013


Second Stop. Bolinao Lighthouse. Second oldest lighthouse in the Philippines. This functional. Still.

Copy Bolinao 021 Copy Bolinao 026 Copy Bolinao 022


Third Stop. White Beach, a beach open to the public. We dare not swim. There was no breakwater in sight. Big waves abound.

Oh, here’s the perfect place to go pasalubong-shopping too (for the sake of my international readers, pasalubong is a Filipino tradition of a homecoming gift, given by someone arriving from a distant place. It is one of the most distinctive and widely practiced Filipino traditions. Pasalubong can be any gift or souvenir brought home by a traveller for his family, loved ones, or friends at home, after being away for a period of time. Usual pasalubongs are the regional best sellers of the visited place).

Copy Bolinao 027 Copy Bolinao 028


Last stop. Wonderful cave. And I asked our tourist guide, “How wonderful is the wonderful cave?” And she said that I had to wait to personally see.

Wonderful cave was like having your own personal natural indoor pool! I likey! I want one of these in my future dream house. Targetting late 2013.

How wonderful is the wonderful cave? “Extremely wonderful!,” exclaimed the five boys who are all talking and speaking like drunkards. And we still haven’t had alcohol yet. Unless the gatorade we had and the water we bought were spiked. =P Copy Bolinao 029 Copy Bolinao 031


All day Beach-mode on day 2!

Copy Bolinao 054Â Â Copy Bolinao 059 Copy Bolinao 061

Copy Bolinao 057


Said a quick prayer, requesting for a safe trip back to Manila.

Copy Bolinao 071


And off we went. But had to do a quick stop over in front of the Bolinao church first to buy Buningey. Binungey is a rice dish (read: suman-like) cooked in a 10-12 inch piece of bamboo. Perfect with sugar or coco jam. Prepare your hot chocolate too.


Said a quick prayer of thanksgiving and protection; of love and of request for assistance to move on (still. still.); and of peace of heart, Â mind, and spirit at St. James The Great Parish a.k.a. Bolinao Church (church in existence for 400 years, by the way) before heading home.
bolinao church


Relaxed body and mind. Recharged spirit. Looking forward to Manic Monday. Ready to work work work again. Bring it on!


Travel Spot: Puerto del Sol
Address: Puerto del Sol, Bolinao, Pangansinan, Philippines
Telephone Number: +632.637.8963, +632.635.2547,
Budget: PHP 8000 per room with free breakfast, free use of amenities, and free kayak rental for 1 hour



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