Travel Spot: Falling in Love with the Waves of Bolinao (@Puerto del Sol), Pangasinan

18 June 2012

Travel Spot: Falling in Love with the Waves of Bolinao (@Puerto del Sol), Pangasinan


After countless rescheds since March 2012, it finally happened! Our team’s going to Bolinao! Finally! Yey!


It usually takes 6 hours to get there via land and we had no idea how to go there. Boo. But we have GPS in CPA’s car. Yey! He has wifi in his car too. Double Yey! But there’s weak signal after Tarlac. Boo. But we have an in-built cinema in the car. Yey! But Jei’s crazy DVD speaks French instead of English. Boo! Oh, the DVD has 30+ movies in it. Yey!


After watching Snow White and the Huntsman, after a quick breakfast in Tarlac, after attempting to watch Prometheus and Madagascar 3, and after singing “Call Me Maybe” complete with the crazy dance for the nth time, we’re finally in Puerto del Sol — 5 hours after leaving Manila. Were we really driving for 5 hours? Joy ride made fun with happy crazy people.


Joy rides. It’s more fun in the Philippines.


Welcome to Puerto del Sol! We got there a lil past 9 AM, a few hours prior check-in time. What to do? What to do ’til all 3 rooms are available? Lots! Lotsa lotsa lots!

Copy Bolinao 001


Time to shoot around first. To check out Puerto del Sol’s amenities and facilities.


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Spiral Restaurant of Sofitel: Best Buffet Restaurant in the Metro

It has been more than a decade since I last stepped in the Sofitel hotel. It has been several years since I last was here. In fact, the structure wasn’t even named Sofitel back then.


Fast forward to more than 10 years. The structure which has housed royalty, celebrities, and heads of states was named Sofitel hotel. Several improvements have been made in the iconic hotel. The minimalist interiors with traditional touches of local decorations using capiz shells and coconut make the elegant detail of this 5-star hotel a sight to behold.


One major reason guests choose this 5-star hotel over its counterparts is because of the infamous Spiral restaurant.


Spiral is a restaurant like no other, taking interactive dining to a level never before seen in the Asia Pacific region.
The new Spiral is divided into 21 dining ateliers. In France, an atelier is an artist’s special workshop, and in Spiral it is where secret recipes are masterfully prepared right before your very eyes. The range of cuisines is expansive and the attention and detail to each dish has the focus of an artisan.


Spiral has been dubbed as the best buffet restaurant in Metro Manila by several restaurant-award-giving bodies. Hence, with extreme excitement, pleasure, happiness, and giddiness, I prepare for my first Spiral experience.


Say hello to the grand Spiral staircase of Sofitel Hotel.
Sofitel 001

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