Lovely Brunch at Café Epicurious, Singapore

13 August 2012


Lovely Brunch at Café Epicurious, Singapore


“[Chime Plays] Next Station, Marsiling.”


Thirty-five minutes by my lonesome self aboard Singapore’s very efficient train system on a cool sunny Saturday morning.


It was 9 AM. Too early to feel famished. I was already oh so looking forward to having Saturday brunch with Ayn and Drei at one of the most raved about breakfast restaurants in Singapore. We have a reservation at Café Epicurious at 10:30 AM.


“Epicurious is a cafe which represents the best of casual dining in Singapore: home-made, reasonably priced food, friendly, unpretentious service, presented in a unique style that represents personal eclectic interests.”


Looking at the train map, I was three train stops away from my next destination, the Choa Chu Kang station. Inside looking out, I was in the residential zone of Singapore – – not so many tall skyscrapers, but there were several schools, houses, vast lush vegetation, and tens of sports courts all around. Not much to see. Time to play iPhone Hotel Dash.


Got my phone out. 1 message from Ayn. Message received 30 minutes ago. Oh, we’re meeting at Newton station instead. Had to go 14 stations back. Fast. And so another lone adventure begins. Goodie. Another step towards becoming a true blue cosmocrat (cosmocrat: a global citizen who could move freely throughout the world, embracing and exploring new experiences).


“[Chime Plays] Marsiling Station. ????. Please mind the gap. (English) ????? (Chinese) Berhati-hati di ruang platform. (Malay) ??? (Tamil)”


Off the train. Off to figure out by myself how to go back. Tap out. Check. Coins. Ticket. Tap in again. Check check check. And I was on my back to the city. I texted Ayn back, asking her to wait for me.


A few minutes past 10. Ayn and Drei were already waiting for me at the Newton station. I told them quickly how my Singapore MRT adventure went. This Café Epicurious better be good and worth my Saturday morning adventure.


10:30 AM. Saturday. Rail Mall. The Rail Mall is home to dozens of quaint and cozy cafés and restaurants.

Copy Epicurious SG 010


Mall name was probably derived from the railway nearby.
Copy Epicurious SG 001


Café Epicurious’ ambiance was homey and cozy, its interior simple and clean. Walls of the cafe were painted a striking red, whilst the cafe’s sister restaurant Sweet Salt Spicy was in black.
Copy Epicurious SG 008
Copy Epicurious SG 004
Copy Epicurious SG 006
Copy Epicurious SG 003
Copy Epicurious SG 007


First order. Beverages. I opted for my tried-and-tested Iced Tea. Ayn ordered freshly squeezed orange juice in a pitcher (tiny pitcher, that is). My iced tea tasted like any other iced tea, nothing fancy, nothing to rave about. Ayn’s orange juice, on the other hand, was truly fresh. Highly recommended for organic slash pure nature lovers.
Copy Epicurious SG 014


Ayn decided to go for the Ratatouille Omelette ($14). Tomatoes, herbs, zucchini stew, and eggplant added color and contrast against the scrambled egg. Think omelette oozing with pasta sauce. I love love love Ayn’s dish! I’ll go back for this when I revisit SG.
Copy Epicurious SG 015


My order was Baked Eggs with Toast Soldiers ($14). Cheese lovers in Singapore have been raving about this dish. The eggs have been sprinkled with bacon bits, mushroom and tomato, baked under a layer of cheese. Several Singaporeans have been raving about this dish. I probably would be raving about this too if it was a teeny bit saltier and cheesier. Filipinos love their food a bit salty. (Slapping hand on forehead, I should have asked for salt from the waiter).
Copy Epicurious SG 016


Drei ordered the infamous Epicurious Burger ($18++), a burger with a huge patty, strips of bacon, and served with fries on the side. The Epicurious burger is listed in Singapore’s “IS Magazine” as one of the top 10 burgers in Singapore.
Copy Epicurious SG 017


For dessert, I decided to play it safe by ordering Berry Panna Cotta. Mmmmmm. I never go wrong with this Italian dessert. Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmm. Good Panna Cotta shared amongst us three. Drei finished it for us.
Copy Epicurious SG 018


I’ll revisit Café Epicurious when I’m back in Singapore. There are so many dishes to try out. I’ll start with that Ratatouille Omelette. In the meantime, while am in the Philippines, I’ll try to make one myself. Googling Ratatouille Omelette recipes now. And my kitchen adventure starring Ratatouille begins tomorrow morning.
Copy Epicurious SG 020
Copy Epicurious SG 011
Copy Epicurious SG 021


Thanks for taking me to Café Epicurious Ayn and Drei! Hugs. See you when Ayn’s back in Manila (or when I revisit SG before Oct). I owe you guys a Manila brunch.
Copy Epicurious SG 019


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Restaurant: Café Epicurious
Address: 392 The Rail Mall, Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore, Singapore
Telephone Number: +65.6894.5926
Budget: SGD 10 to SGD 30



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