Road Trip: California’s Great America Parkway @Santa Clara, California

01 October 2012


Day 2 in California. It was 66.2 degrees Fahrenheit (or 19 degrees Celsius) in Santa Clara, California. It was too chilly, too windy outside. I pulled up my thick comforter and snuggled back in my warm bed. I decided to sleep the day away in my comfortable cozy bed. Time to catch up on some precious Zzzzzzzzs before I undergo more San Fo activities.


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It was September 16th. September 16th rang a bell. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. What was so darn special with September 16th? Zzzzzzzzz. Oh my Mai, wake up! Eyes wide open! Â It’s the big event. THE EVENT. The One Kampamilya Go Event in California’s Great America Theme Park. The main reason for ABS CBN and The Filipino Channel’s artists and staff enduring 13 hours of flight time from Manila to San Fo. This event is the primary reason for my newfound friends’ San Fo trip.


It’s the official date of the One Kapmilya Go Event in Santa Clara, California – – in California’s Great America. This One Kapamilya Go Event sold out 11,000 tickets!

Copy SFO Great America 011

Copy San Francisco 199
Copy SFO Great America 008
Copy SFO Great America 010


California’s Great America Parkway is an amusement park located in Santa Clara, California. It is one of four major amusement parks operating around the San Francisco Bay Area.


The best way to enjoy the great view of California’s Great America is from the air. Enjoy the aerial view aboard the Delta Flyer/Eagle’s Flight.
Copy SFO Great America 001


For guests who need to satisfy their need for speed and adventure, there are “thrill rides” in the park composed of Flight Deck, The Grizzly, FireFall, Tiki Twirl, Delirium, Demon, Drop Tower, Psycho Mouse, Vortex, Xtreme Flyer, and HMB Endeavor. Note that these rides are not for the faint hearted.
Copy SFO Great America 004Copy SFO Great America 005Copy SFO Great America 016Copy SFO Great America 028Copy SFO Great America 021Copy SFO Great America 030


If slower speeds and less shrieks and thrills are preferred, there are FAMILY RIDES. Choose from the Carousel Columbia, Celebration Swings, Rip Roaring Rapids, Whitewater Falls, Barney Oldfield Speedway, and Woodstock Express.
Copy SFO Great America 013
Copy SFO Great America 012
Copy SFO Great America 020
Copy SFO Great America 022


Snoopy with Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, and Sally, welcome kids of all ages in the Peanuts-themed zone of the park. The zone includes Woodstock Express, PEANUTS Pirates, Sally’s Love Buggies, Snoopy’s Splash Dance, and The Pumpkin Patch.
Copy SFO Great America 017


KidZville is a big, busy town built just for kids. The 18 rides can be enjoyed by both parent and child. Rides include Classic Cars, Fender Bender 500, Ghost Chase, Junior Jump Club, Kidsville Pet Shop, KidZair, KidZConstruction, Snail Races, Swing Swing Swing, Taxi Jam, amongst many others.

Copy SFO Great America 022bCopy SFO Great America 018Copy SFO Great America 019


California’s Great America is the only amusement park in northern California that has a water park.

Copy SFO Great America 025Copy SFO Great America 023


Guests also stay nourished and hydrated. Thanks to the colorful kiosks scattered around the park.
Copy SFO Great America 006
Copy SFO Great America 007
Copy SFO Great America 031


Tired footsies? Rest on the several benches and white beach chairs.Copy SFO Great America 024Copy SFO Great America 026Copy SFO Great America 027Copy SFO Great America 014Copy SFO Great America 029


Events are also usually held in one of the theaters.

Copy SFO Great America 015


Dads can play the remote-controlled boats while waiting for their kids. Kids can try to win a prize or two by playing some parlor games too.

Copy SFO Great America 032Copy SFO Great America 033


So many rides to choose from catering to kids of all ages. Dare to ride them all, with eyes wide open at California’s Great America.

Copy SFO Great America 009



Travel Spot: California’s Great America
Address: 4701 Great America Parkway  Santa Clara, California 95054
Telephone Number: +1.408.988.1776
Budget: Daily ticket as low as USD 25.99.


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