Food Trip: Olive Garden: Italian Dinner in San Francisco California

15 October 2012


What’s not to love about San Francisco? Nada. Zinch. Zero.


What’s to love about San Francisco? Oh, the people, the weather, the tourist spots, the cool wind, the food, the food. the food. Oh, the food. I crave for San Fo’s diverse collection of food.


One particular cuisine that I truly truly love is Italian. And what’s the best resto in San Francisco for Italian food?


I still do believe it’s Olive Garden.
“Olive Garden is a family of more than 750 local restaurants committed to providing every guest with a genuine Italian dining experience. It’s what we like to call Hospitaliano!: our passion for 100% guest delight.

As part of that commitment, we’re proud to serve fresh, delicious Italian food served in a comfortable, home-like setting where everyone is welcomed as a member of our family.”


And so my Italian gastronomic experience in California with my Pinto cousin begins.


The gastronomic adventure begins at the waiting area. Throngs of hungry guests await their turn at the sitting area while dining guests take their time in enjoying the cozy romantic ambiance, choosing amongst the wide array of dishes in the menu, and happily eating the ambrosial delectable food on their assigned tables.
Copy San Fo Olive Garden 002

Copy San Fo Olive Garden 003


Starting Dinner with a Sampler Italiano
For starters, our three choices were Stuffed mushrooms prepared with clams, calamari, and chicken fingers amongst an array of options such as fried zucchini, fried mozzarella or toasted beef and pork ravioli. Parmesan cheese, herbs, and clams were distinctly tasty in the mushroom caps. Calamari and chicken fingers were tender and lightly breaded.
Copy San Fo Olive Garden 006


For soup, my cousin and I ordered Zuppa Toscana and Chicken & Gnocchi respectively. Zuppa Toscana had spicy sausage, potatoes and greens mixed in a creamy broth. My Chicken & Gnocchi was a creamy soup nicely blended with roasted chicken, traditional Italian dumplings and spinach.
Copy San Fo Olive Garden 010


The Pinto cousins love seafood! Very evident in the Seafood Portofino (a delish mix of mussels, scallops, shrimp and mushrooms with linguine in a garlic-butter wine sauce) and Lobster Cannelloni with Shrimp (a tasty dish of lobster, shrimp and mascarpone cheese-filled cannelloni in a creamy seafood sauce).
Copy San Fo Olive Garden 012
Copy San Fo Olive Garden 013


My nephews and niece absolutely love Olive Garden’s Macaroni & Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza. Both have been exclusively ordered off the kids menu which were placed on our table with crayons and activity sheets. The kids were also given their own reusable unbreakable Olive Garden cups.
Copy San Fo Olive Garden 011
Copy San Fo Olive Garden 005


Red wine complements our dish. Wine and other alcoholic beverages may be enjoyed on your assigned table or in the Olive Garden bar. More wine ends dinner time.
Copy San Fo Olive Garden 004
Copy San Fo Olive Garden 008
Copy San Fo Olive Garden 014


How would I rate my Olive Garden gastronomic experience? Two thumbs up for service, food, and ambiance.


Am already looking forward to my third visit. I got Olive Garden of both the East and West coasts covered. Hopefully I get to experience Olive Garden somewhere in the Central area next time.


Googling Olive Garden branches. Marking at least 10 Olive Garden Illinois in the list.
Copy San Fo Olive Garden 015


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Food Spot: Olive Garden, California
Address: California, San Francisco
Budget: USD 15.00 to USD 30.00 per person


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