Celebrating Anniversary @ Lolo Dad’s Manila

“Our anniversary reminds me of how God has been good to me. For He gave me the most wonderful man I could ever hope for in the world. Happy Anniversary, baby! Thank you for the 365 days of fun, romance, adventures, and love. I can’t wait for more. Happy Anniversary. I love you.”


And the best way to celebrate our anniversary was to create more gastronomic memories in the most romantic restaurant in Manila.


Welcome to Lolo Dad’s, a home to four chefs who have all won gold medals in various culinary competitions.


“What began as a family’s ancestral home is now home to some of the finest food in the country. Lolo Dad’s Café has been in Malate since 1941, but back then it was simply the house of the Ayuyao family. It has since been converted into a restaurant which opened on February 14, 2000, yet still bears some of the wartime memories which makes it not only a unique gastronomical but also a historical place. The wooden walls still have bullet holes; the floor at the restaurant’s entrance is hollow because beneath it is the family’s air raid shelter – remnants of Manila’s scars from World War II.”

Lolo Dad's 001


The comfy cozy restaurant is quietly tucked behind an almost-secret garden along President Quirino Avenue, Malate, Manila.
Lolo Dad's 002

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