Travel Spot: Celebrating 20 Years of Friendship at Timberland Sports and Nature Club

02 June 2012


Travel Spot: Celebrating 20 Years of Friendship at Timberland Sports and Nature Club


“Let’s catch up some time!,” is my barkada’s* constant phrase of use since we graduated from high school several years ago. (*Note: barkada – a Filipino term for group of close friends.)


It was the morning of June 8th, year 1992. T’was a cool Monday morning. Donning new and crisp below-the-knee-length navy blue jumper skirt, crisp white ruffled blouse, a new pair of pristine white socks, and a new pair of jet-black shoes, I waited for my turn to introduce myself to a classroom-full of girls donning the same outfit as mine. It was my first day in the exclusive school for girls. It was my first day at St. Scholastica’s Academy Marikina. June 8th was also marking my first day in high school.


There were ten girls in my barkada. All came from the second to the last room at the third floor — I-St. Bernadette’s room.


Fast forward to 19 years and 11 months. May 5, 2012. My high school soul sisters celebrated our 20 years of friendship atop the first-rate private membership club — the Timberland Sports and Nature Club. As we celebrate our friendship, we take in the breathtaking panoramic view of the vistas of the Sierra Madre mountain ranges and the city lights below. It was the perfect time to catch up. Perfect time to catch up as the girls were waiting for my yet another heart story to narrate, okay okay narrate is an understatement, make that “to rant about”, tongue in cheek story.
Timberland 003 copy
Timberland 045

Timberland 012
Timberland 004


Timberland Sports and Nature Club is private membership club that offers a wide range of activities and amenities for the entire family, or in our case, group of friends. The private club is located within the masterplanned Timberland Heights, a vast 677-hectare resort town development of Filinvest Land. Timberland Sports and Nature Club is in San Mateo, Rizal, merely 10 minutes away from Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City and Marikina City.


This private membership club offers a wide range of activities. Activities include several water-related ones such as swimming in the outdoor pool.
Timberland 007
Timberland 005
Timberland 006
Timberland 080 copy
Timberland 095 copy
Timberland 081 copy
Timberland 051


Other than orchestrating a private photo-ops-session in and out of the hotel, guests are free to use other non-water-related activities too.
Timberland 014


Wall Climbing. Conquer the large wall, spider-man style. This wall introduced me to the wonderful world of wall climbing. Feel your heart pound against your chest as you push yourself up towards your goal. Free shoe rental and personal instructor inclusive. Don’t forget to bring your own socks for hygienic purposes.
Timberland 031
Timberland 063 copy
Timberland 064 copy

That’s me!!! Goal reached! =D
Timberland 074 copy


Want to smash and free up that excess energy and stress? Hit the ball with your tennis racket at the indoor tennis court.
Timberland 032


Boys won’t get bored as they dribble balls in the indoor basketball court. Ball rental free of charge.
Timberland 033


Banquet halls and private rooms are available for rent. These private rooms are great for small private parties with friends and families.
Timberland 030


Get rid of tired aching muscles at Bliss Garden Spa located near the outdoor swimming pool.
Timberland 088 copy


Or play billiards in the billiards hall. Your group may have dinner in the hall too, just like we did. Just please bear with the service, as the waiter would have to run to and fro, and to and fro, and to and fro, and to and fro, and to and fro, (you get the drift) from the hall to the kitchen.
Timberland 039
Timberland 034


There were originally ten in our all-girl barkada, which later on, due to time and space, shrunk down to seven. Six ladies (seven in the group but Liezl’s still in Italy) wouldn’t exactly fit in one big room. Hence, Chelai reserved three rooms for us instead.


Here’s the uber fun “single ladies” room for our crazy group of four – – Mai/Pie, Tess, Joan, and Carla. The other rooms were the couple/family rooms for Chelai, Vina, and family, which we dare not invade.
Timberland 009
Timberland 010


Wake up to fresh mountain air and watch the bikers struggling up the mountain. Timberland (or Mount Maarat) is famous within the biking community due to its challenging and technical terrain. I still do bike once to twice a month. But Mount Maarat still seemed too technical for me. I’d rather practice on flat grounds first. Am giving myself 6 months to a year before daring to struggle to bike up Mount Maarat.
Timberland 048 copy
Timberland 046
Timberland 050


Time to leave our veranda and stop spying on the bikers and on their bikes (yes, I have great zooming capability that I can see the bike frame from our veranda. =P). Time for breakfast. Breakfast buffet is available for minimal charge. We opted to totally ditch our crazy diets and self-declared Saturday as our cheat day. Our room’s free-ala-carte breakfast-meals were given to the Chelai’s and Vina’s hubbies while us ladies splurged on bread, rice, meat, pasta, fruits (oh alright, let’s prevent we’re eating veggies too) at the buffet table.
Timberland 052
Timberland 053
Timberland 054 copy


No downtime for kids here while the mommies and daddies enjoy the facilities.
Timberland 091 copy
Timberland 092 copy


Before we left, we had one last girl bonding time in the Ladies’ Relaxation Area. The room comes complete with a quiet room, perfect for meditating and contemplating; a big jacuzzi for water-pressure-style massage; a sauna room to get rid of all toxins; and a steam bath room.
Timberland 089
Timberland 090 copy
Timberland 099 copy
Timberland 104 copy


We loved Timberland. There were plenty of activities to do. Ambiance was extremely relaxing. The staff were great (oh with the exception of having such an undermanned staff at the resto by the pool. Here’s feedback.). The facilities were superb. A thumb up.


Travel Spot: Timberland Sports and Nature Club
Address: Timberland Sports and Nature Club, Barangay Malanday, Ampid, San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines
Telephone Number: +63.2.793.5700
Budget: PHP 6,000 to PHP 8,000 per room

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2 thoughts on “Travel Spot: Celebrating 20 Years of Friendship at Timberland Sports and Nature Club

  1. Hi, we are planning to book sna sa timberland this coming new year, baka kasi matakot sa mga fireworks baby namin if we stay at home, kaso i was informed na kailangan daw endorsed by a member pra pwede kame magstay dun. Would you know if may mga nagooffer kaya ng endorsement? Thanks po…

    • Hi. Timberland Sports and Nature Club is an exclusive club for members. If you don’t know any member, feel free to scout for deals in group selling sites. Timberland sometimes posts deals in these sites, hence you can enjoy Timberland facilities despite not having guest endorsements. Happy scouting.

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