Food Trip: Team Bonding at F Restaurant (of the Best Western Premier F1 Hotel)

28 May 2012


Food Trip: Team Bonding at F Restaurant (of the Best Western Premier F1 Hotel)


Food’s one of the best ways to bring people together. Hence for team building sessions, I usually fatten up my team, as we indulge in delectable appetizers, ambrosial entrees and luscious desserts.


Diet set aside, for this quarter’s team building session, I brought one group of my lady leaders to one of the newest buffets in town.


A few steps away from leading hospitals, malls, financial institutions, parks, banks and corporate offices lie one of the newest hotels in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig – – the BEST WESTERN PREMIER F1 Hotel. The hotel boasts of spacious accommodations, 3 swimming pools, magnificent banquet, meeting facilities, leisure amenities, and an international restaurant – – the F restaurant.


F restaurant is a fabulous restaurant. It is a restaurant-and-bar-combi which provides the perfect setting for relaxing and socializing. Perfect for elegant bonding time with my lady group.
Final Premier F1 Buffet 002


Appetizer table comes complete with an enticing and delectable array of sushi, sashimi, maki, garden salad, caesar salad, oysters, mussels, prawns, etc.
Final Premier F1 Buffet 012 copy


Biggie Bread Basket to start our gastronomic adventure.
Final Premier F1 Buffet 023 copyFinal Premier F1 Buffet 034 copy


Cheeses. Cheeses. Cheeses.
Final Premier F1 Buffet 033 copy


F offers high quality and luscious cuisine with the latest infusion dishes from around the world, from Japanese tempura to Filipino adobo to Chinese Yang Chow Fried Rice to American Roast Beef to expensive Jamon Serrano.
Final Premier F1 Buffet 030 copy
Final Premier F1 Buffet 022 copy
Final Premier F1 Buffet 013 copy
Final Premier F1 Buffet 016 copy
Final Premier F1 Buffet 017 copy
Final Premier F1 Buffet 018 copy
Final Premier F1 Buffet 019 copy
Final Premier F1 Buffet 040 copy


Different types of wine are available to complement your big meal.
Final Premier F1 Buffet 021 copy


Ah ambience. Good elegant ambience. Excellent city view. We have good city view, complete with city lights show below. Our corner table is the perfect bonding spot.
Final Premier F1 Buffet 009 copy


But lo and behold, one view particularly reminds us to go back to the office to work. Go figure.
Final Premier F1 Buffet 005 copy


After two hours of dining, laughing, joking, and sharing stories, it was time to test the desserts bar. Chocolate fountain, cheesecakes, crepes, cakes, ice cream, brownies, etc are available to satisfy our sweet cravings.
Final Premier F1 Buffet 025 copy
Final Premier F1 Buffet 026 copy


Right outside F Restaurant are Premier Western Hotel’s outdoor amenities. Pool. Reading nooks galore.
Final Premier F1 Buffet 048 copy


Though ambience is excellent and service is fast, F Restaurant remains to be an average restaurant. Food choice is okay. Taste is good. There’s not much to rave about, with the exception of the appetizer table. Appetizer table – two thumbs up. F restaurant – more average than the average restaurant. My best buffet choice in The Fort still remains to be Chef Laudico’s (read Chef Laudico’s Bistro blog here).


We were terrifically and glutton-near-full after dining for two hours. Time to hit Boni High Street for coffee and tea.


Food Trip: F Restaurant
Address: 32nd Street Bonifacio Global City Philippines
Telephone Number: +63.2.928.9888




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