Food Trip: Private Dining at Mickey’s Place, Singapore

Food Trip: Private Dining at Mickey’s Place, Singapore


Tired of the usual restaurant scene? Why not try private dining?


Private dining is a combination of eating out without leaving the comforts of a home, as owners literally open their houses to cater to diners in a more personalized way.


Manila, to date, has a lot of homes open for private dining usually located in chef’s houses in the posh villages of the city or in foodies’ elegant ancestral-homes-turned-private-dining-areas. To experience a private dinner, one only has to have the proper connections to reserve a private dinner with the homeowner.


The Singapore foodie scene had a different vibe ongoing. Private dining in SG merely meant reserving one of the rooms of the restaurant for the exclusive use of a group of restaurant guests. Only a handful of chefs and foodies in SG have opened up their own personal homes to offer a real private dining experience.


As we were getting tired of the restaurant scene in SG, it was such a pleasure to experience private dining in a different country.


Tucked away in a residential area in Toa Payoh is Mickey’s Place. Mickey’s Place is an apartment-turned-private-dining-place. Mickey has opened up his house for us for a day to showcase what he has to offer as a foodie.


Portal to Mickey’s Place.
Chef M 001


The private dinner starts.
Seafood Pasta. King prawns, sea scallops, and black mussels on a bed of spaghetti, seasoned with garlic and fine herbs.
Chef M 002


Steak. Fillet mignon well seasoned and slowly cooked for maximum flavor, preserving its natural drippings. Served with seasoned potato slices, broccoli, and carrots.
Chef M 003


Chocolate Milkshake. A creamy concoction of vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. A dessert-and-beverage-in-one.
Chef M 004


Mickey’s Place, private chef service that is just as good, or maybe even better than the last spot you dined in.


Private Dining in Manila:
Isabelo, Marikina –
Lemuria, San Juan –


Restaurant: Private Dining at Mickey’s Place
Address: Toa Payoh, Singapore
Telephone Number: privately listed
Website: TBA


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