Food Trip: Olives Restaurant at Thunderbird Poro Point

14 May 2012


Food Trip: Olives Restaurant at Thunderbird Poro Point


It was one of the best family vacations we’ve had. Vacation came complete with excellent accommodations in a 5-star hotel, cool breeze of the ocean against our faces, the sound of the rolling waves hitting the rocks nearby, and good old mediterranean food.


Ah good food. Ah good Mediterranean food. Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point (read my article here) is a superb hotel with an a-okay restaurant, The Olives Restaurant.


“The Olives Restaurant is the only fine dining restaurant in Ilocos and North Luzon. It is also the only one that offers Mediterranean fare, and boasts of having the sole wood-burning pizza oven the region.” -


I personally like Mediterranean food. The Olives Restaurant does not disappoint. However, it does not impress me either. Read on to know why.


Food took at least 30 minutes to be served for our table of five. Our appetizer while waiting for 30 minutes was pita bread.
Olives Restaurant 006


My brother’s appetizer – – “Olives” Soup Du Jour – Olives chef’s creation of the day. For tonight, Chef’s creation is Pumpkin Soup.
Olives Restaurant 005


Mom’s so-so Olives Garden Salad. Nothing fancy.
Olives Restaurant 004


Four Cheese Pizza – I have tasted a lot of Quattro-Formaggio Pizzas (or four cheese pizza in layman’s term). Olives’ version of the classic four cheese pizza is good, not exactly impressive, but its a-okay. Chef Giogio of Volare and Va’Pensiero fame still makes the best Quattro Formaggio Pizza (read Va’Pensiero review here).
Olives Restaurant 010


Spinach Lasagna – My mom loves vegetables. She loves pasta. This dish is a good marriage of the two, or so we thought. There was way too much spinach, hence it was on the verge of tasting like an “herbal medicinal pasta which could cure cough and colds.” Mom had to scrape off the stuffing to enjoy her dish.
Olives Restaurant 011


Dad’s Pan-fried Salmon Fillet – with mustard, garlic, and dill.
Olives Restaurant 009


Penne with Prosciutto, Mushroom, and Artichoke Cream for little boy Sean. Sean liked his pasta. But he loved his pizza better, as evidenced by the quarter pizza left on the serving platter.
Olives Restaurant 008


Seafood Risotto – I never go wrong with Seafood Risotto. But most chefs go wrong with it by undercooking the Arborio rice, making the rice hard to bite (this is the case for Olives) or overcook it making the aboria rice too soft.
Olives Restaurant 007


My Camomile Tea (and stainless steel teapot) to keep my relaxed and calm, ready for bedtime. I was hoping to see a nice elegant teapot set. The stainless steel thermos was an eyesore.
Olives Restaurant 002


Sean’s Yummy Chocolate Milkshake
Olives Restaurant 001


Overall, Olives Restaurant is an ah-okay restaurant. It more or less has the same review as Bellarocca’s (read my Bellarocca birthday celeb here) in-house restaurant. Food was so so okay. Ambiance was excellent. Service was superb. Price was good. I sure do hope that the Vegas Cafe, the other restaurant in the complex (beside Fiesta casino) would have better food.



Restaurant: Olives Restaurant
Address: Thunderbird Resorts – Poro Point, VOA Compound, Pennsylvania Avenue, San Fernando City, La Union
Telephone Number: +63.72.888.7777
Budget: PHP 500 – 1500 per person


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