Food Trip: The Proposal Dinner at Daniel Boulud’s db Bistro Moderne in Singapore

The Proposal Dinner at Daniel Boulud’s db Bistro Moderne in Singapore


August 11, 2013 marks our last vacation night in Singapore. It was the highlight of our 4-and-a-half-day Singapore vacation. It was on August 11th when we opted to go slow to enjoy our last SG dinner in a cozy modern bistro located in the heart of Marina Bay Sands.


Daniel Boulud is a French chef and restaurateur with restaurants in New York City, Palm Beach, Miami, Montreal, Toronto, London, Beijing, and Singapore. Boulud is the author of seven cookbooks, is the recipient of three James Beard Foundation awards, including Outstanding Chef and Outstanding Restaurateur and was also named a Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur by the French government. He was as well heralded as Chef of the Year 2011 by The Culinary Institute of America.


August 11, 2013 marks another night of gastronomic fun and adventure as we first experience luxury dining at Daniel Boulud’s international restaurant in Marina Bay, Singapore – – DB Bistro Moderne.

DB 01

The modern-bistro aesthetics include a stylish 15-seat bar, a modern yet elegant informal lounge for casual dining and a private room for 20 for personal and business entertaining. The kitchen is also fairly visible from the restaurant promoting a sense of openness and connection between the chefs and the dining guests.

DB 02DB 03

DB 05DB 20


db Bistro Moderne offers an exciting mix of traditional French bistro cooking with contemporary American flavors. Appetizers start off with an array of breads and pastries and greens. We love the choux pastry!
DB 06DB 08
DB 07


For main course, we had a complimentary dish of sausages coupled with our order of the Original db Burger, Pork Loin Saltimbocca, and Rosemary Chicken.


Toulouse sausage. Pork Belly, King Oyster Mushroom, Pork dew, Bitter Greens,

DB 09


Rosemary Chicken. Chicken soaked in brine. Roasted to perfection with fresh rosemary leaves.

DB 10


The Original db Burger. Sirloin Burger Filled with Braised Short Ribs & Foie ras Served on a Parmesan Bun

DB 11


Pork Loin “Saltimbocca”. Crispy Potatoes, Parma Ham, Bitter Greens, Lemon Sage, Capers, Natural Jus

DB 12


db Bistro Moderne offers a wide array of desserts too. We enjoyed our fill of Profiteroles, Strawberry Yuzu and Vanilla Souffle.


Profiteroles – Hot Chocolate Sauce poured over Dulce de Leche Ice Cream. Strawberry Yuzu. Vanilla Souffle.


The soufflé was nicely paired with sorbet, which offered a good counterbalance to the hot soufflé.  If you are too full for desserts, you must at least order the Madeleine for the table to share.

DB 16b DB 15


August 11, 2013 marks another evening of alcoholic thrill and excitement as the boys sampled more than 8 types of drinks and beverages ranging from Singapore Sling, Pink Floyd, Bloody Corpse, Gin Tonic, Singapore Sling, Rainbow Shot and Brain Damage.
DB 21bDB 22
DB 23


August 11, 2013 marks another day to celebrate friendships and relationships as new friends and acquaintances were introduced. Meet the friendly db Bistro Moderne Managers – – Managers Antoine, Chris and Stacey.
DB 24


And the cool attentive customer-experience-centric staff – – (clockwise from top left: Mira, Ross, Hermez, Dennis and Jing).
DB 24b


Meet its excellent executive chef too. Meet Chef Jonathan Kinsela.
DB 25


db Bistro Moderne marries elegant ambiance, gracious service and delectable menus. This stylish elegant bistro is highly recommended. Do drop by the restaurant when in SG.


To cap off our last night night in SG, after our scrumptious fine dining feast at db Bistro Moderne, we spent the night with good Singapore-based friends atop one of the sought after bars in the city.  Ku de ta is a club lounge that offers patrons a cozy banquette area, lined with a sleek modern bar built around an intimate dance floor. Ku de ta also offers a breathtaking view of the metro.
Marina Bay Sands 00


August 11, 2013 marks another night of pure fun and a teeny bit of dancing and a lot of head bobbing.


Then I was led to the more peaceful side of the Marina Bay Sands Bar.


Then it struck midnight.


Then it was August 12th.


August 12, 2013 marks another life milestone.


August 12, 2013’s first few minutes was spent atop Marina Bay Sands in a secluded corner.
Marina Bay Sands 01


The first few minutes of the 12th of August was spent alone with my man. It was just me and my man in a secluded corner overlooking the Marina Bay.


Then it happened.


August 12, 2013 marks the first major step towards becoming Mrs. B.
Mai Engagement Ring




Restaurant: DB Bistro Moderne
Address: 2 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-48 Galleria Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018972 ‎
Telephone Number: +65.6688.8525
Budget: approximately PHP 2000 per person (Mike and Ehm’s treat. Thanks guys! See you soon in Manila!)


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