Food Trip: Superb Gastronomic Experience at Korean Garden Restaurant

04 March 2012


Food Trip: Superb Gastronomic Experience at Korean Garden Restaurant


Korean claim to fame. Samsung. LG. Kia. Koreanovelas. Kimchi. K-pop. Korean Bulgogi.


Wait, did you say Korean Bulgogi? Oh, my little boy loves bulgogi! Oh sign me up.


When I got the offer to review a Korean restaurant, my first question was if bulgogi would be served. Oh yes sireeee. Bulgogi was to be served at the resto review! Bulgogi was available. But on Feb 27th, my little boy Sean  was not. Oh my! Here’s where my self-certified uno grade in Contingency 101 comes into play. Long story short, I hooked up with one my best college friends Dannette (Turned Trainer Tanet to thee. UP Collegiate Starbucks private joke here, explanation unnecessary) to accompany me to this Korean gastronomic adventure. Oh what a great adventure it was! Truly delightful!


Korean Garden is located in the heart of bustling Makati City. It’s an unassuming restaurant along Jupiter which started serving Korean food in 1974. For almost 40 years Korean Garden has continued to capture the Filipino heart and palate with authentic Korean cooking and homemade recipes.


It gets crazy on certain days, hence reservation is highly recommended. If you don’t have a reservation, you better go to the restaurant on a late Monday afternoon when the crowd is thin.
Korean Garden 0


And our gastronomic adventure begins with the several Korean appetizers.
From the top clockwise: bean sprouts, anchovies, radish, potatoes, spinach, at the middle is the infamous kimchi.
Korean Garden 2


Followed by a-okay clear soup.
Korean Garden 7


Next dish was Chap Chae, a dish of transparent noodles with vegetables and pork. Chap Chae tasted really good, a balanced blend of sweetness and spiciness.
Korean Garden 6


I love Kimchi Fast Food’s Beef Stew. Korean Garden’s Kalbi Chim was definitely far better than the fast food counterpart with its fall-of-the-bones extremely tender meat.
Korean Garden 5


Next in the list was Nackchi Bogum. You better taste it first before googling what Nackchi Bogum stands for. Nackchi Bogum tasted like overly delish and tender squid mixed with a dash of chili and quartered onions. Google Nackchi Bogum. Nackchi Bogum = spicy octopus. Excellent enticing dish. Just get that alien-like octopus image outta your head first.
Korean Garden 4


This is real Korean bulgogi. Very tender. Extremely flavorful. Mmmmmmmm. Yummy. Savory. Uberly delilsh. Enough said.
Korean Garden 3


Our taste buds had their own Korean festival, jumping for joy with the introduction of each and every new Korean dish. Food was delish. Service was superb. We had extremely attentive waiters at are disposal. Too attentive waiters, I can’t get a decent stolen shot. They just kept on posing whenever I turn the DLSR their way. Funny happy overtly attentive waiters. Camera your way, smile and pose.
Korean Garden 1


What’s for dessert? Aside from pineapples? Korean ice cream! My friends have been raving about Korean ice cream since time immemorial. I know, the time immemorial part was too much. But my friends have been raving about Korean Ice Cream since uhhhmmm, I’d say two to three years ago? Feb 27th marks my intro to this elusive cold desert. Korean Garden’s best seller was the melon flavored ice cream. Unlike Filipino popsicles, this Korean ice cream was an epitome of contradictions in an unassuming yet clean-looking package, simple but mouthwatering concoction in its solid state, creamy-yet-in-tact texture, and melony not-so-sweet-just-right taste.
Korean Garden 8


We dined for more than two hours. Yes, we had a great gastronomic adventure for more than two hours! Two hours with truly great food. Will be coming back for more. Next time, to try the famous gujeolpan, one of the restaurant’s best sellers, a nine-sectioned plate consisting of different vegetables and meats served with thin pancakes.


Good ambience. Excellent service. Korean Garden restaurant is in my top 20 list.
Korean Garden 9



Food Trip: Korean Garden
Address: 128 Jupiter St., Bel-Air 2, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number: +632.895.5443 or +632.896.4361
Website: Korean Garden Restaurant
Budget: at least PHP 300


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