Travel Spot: Experiencing Greece at Thunderbird Resort Poro Point

04 May 2012


Travel Spot: Experiencing Greece at Thunderbird Resort Poro Point


Experience Greece in the Philippines! As compared  to my Greece-related vacation in Bellaroca (read my Bellarocca post here) which just took an hour of travel time, this time, my family got to experience Greece in a Santorini-inspired resort after a 6-hour-drive from Manila.


Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point is the only five-star hotel in the Northern Philippines, inspired by the architecture and infamous white-walls-and-blue-dome structures of Santorini, Greece.
Poro Point 001

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Travel Spot: The Great Mount Pinatubo Adventure

26 March 2012


Travel Spot: The Great Mount Pinatubo Adventure


After almost 6 months, 4 reschedules, and several customer-experience-related-text-slash-phone-call-rants-to-the-trek-organizers, our Pinatubo adventure was finally on. The Pinatubo crater pictures were worth the 4 hour trek. Or were they? Judge for yourselves. My Pinatubo adventure was done. Your Pinatubo photo adventure begins now…


It was still dark when we left Manila. 100++ trekkers were at the Victory Liner Cubao station, excitedly talking about the adventure ahead (despite all the mishaps with the transportation, read: one big bus, one long van, and one car weren’t enough to accommodate the local and foreign trekkers, hence chaos).


Our Pinatubo tour package includes the following:

  • round trip transportation via A/C vans/buses from Manila to the base camp in Sta Juliana, Capas, Tarlac
  • packed lunch
  • tour guide
  • 4×4 landcruiser

*** Prepare PHP 390 per person for the Tourism fee.


Several trekkers go up the mountain during the summer peak season. Prepare to trek with 400 local and foreign trekkers. Basic preparation prior trek also includes the following:

  • Pack light. Take only your basic necessities such as extra clothes, extra footwear, and energy drink. My backpack weighed 5 kg due to one lens, ND square filters, and flash. The tour guide had to bring my heavy bag.
  • Protect your skin. The heat could be extremely cruel. Slather up with sunblock. I put the spf 100 version. I had a cap and a shawl too to protect my hair and face.
  • Pay attention to your footsies. Some prefer to wear sandals. I prefer to wear sneakers to protect my toes (read: I am accident prone. I almost always stub my toes). Bring extra footwear too just in case your sneakers get wet.
  • Hydrate. Have your energy drink and energy bars handy.


4 AM Victory Liner Cubao on March 18, 2012 – Leaving Manila
Copy Pinatubo Trek 001


6 AM Sta Juliana, Capas, Tarlac – After 2 hours (of trying to sleep in the van), our next stop was Sta Juliana in Capas, Tarlac, where breakfast was served. 4×4 Landcruisers dotted the side of the road, ready to bring the trekkers across sand and not-so-raging rivers.
Copy Pinatubo Trek 002

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Food Trip: Superb Gastronomic Experience at Korean Garden Restaurant

04 March 2012


Food Trip: Superb Gastronomic Experience at Korean Garden Restaurant


Korean claim to fame. Samsung. LG. Kia. Koreanovelas. Kimchi. K-pop. Korean Bulgogi.


Wait, did you say Korean Bulgogi? Oh, my little boy loves bulgogi! Oh sign me up.


When I got the offer to review a Korean restaurant, my first question was if bulgogi would be served. Oh yes sireeee. Bulgogi was to be served at the resto review! Bulgogi was available. But on Feb 27th, my little boy Sean  was not. Oh my! Here’s where my self-certified uno grade in Contingency 101 comes into play. Long story short, I hooked up with one my best college friends Dannette (Turned Trainer Tanet to thee. UP Collegiate Starbucks private joke here, explanation unnecessary) to accompany me to this Korean gastronomic adventure. Oh what a great adventure it was! Truly delightful!


Korean Garden is located in the heart of bustling Makati City. It’s an unassuming restaurant along Jupiter which started serving Korean food in 1974. For almost 40 years Korean Garden has continued to capture the Filipino heart and palate with authentic Korean cooking and homemade recipes.


It gets crazy on certain days, hence reservation is highly recommended. If you don’t have a reservation, you better go to the restaurant on a late Monday afternoon when the crowd is thin.
Korean Garden 0


And our gastronomic adventure begins with the several Korean appetizers.
From the top clockwise: bean sprouts, anchovies, radish, potatoes, spinach, at the middle is the infamous kimchi.
Korean Garden 2

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