Food Trip: Unique Manila Bay Sunset Dinner Cuise

15 February 2012

Food Trip: Unique Manila Bay Sunset Dinner Cuise

Sun Cruises Inc. offers the experience of spending a pleasant tropical evening with set dinner and romantic serenade aboard the cruise ferry M/V Spirit of Manila 2. As the sun goes down, guests indulge to an enchanting experience ideal for those who want to have a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, and at the same time be awed by the Manila skyline and sunset and the lights of SM Mall of Asia. Dinner cruise takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

We opted the board the sunset cruise to see the spectacular and infamous Manila Bay sunset. We boarded the ferry at the CCP Complex port.

copy MB Dinner Cruise 001

copy MB Dinner Cruise 002

copy MB Dinner Cruise 003

copy MB Dinner Cruise 004

However, due to some undisclosed reasons for delay, we boarded the ferry after the sun has set.
copy MB Dinner Cruise 005

Aboard the ferry, to my disappointment, only monobloc dining tables and chairs have been set up. I have reviewed a lot of restaurants and hotels. This was way below the usual standard.
copy MB Dinner Cruise 006
copy MB Dinner Cruise 007

Food was so-so. It was not bad, but it was not something to rave about too. It was extremely plain. I remember a good celebrity chef friend who always tells me that dining is a sensual experience. Diners eat with their 5 senses. The food presentation failed miserably on my senses of sight, taste, and smell. Texture of the food was so-so, hence I guess sense of touch was ah-okay. Fish was more tender, as compared to chicken. The dish was predictably cold, given that food was not cooked onboard. The entire menu includes soup and a main meal of rice, some veggies, one viand and a small square of cake. Beverages are no included in the menu so prepare to shell out a few more bucks for soft drinks, bottled water, and juice.
copy MB Dinner Cruise 008

After dinner, my family and I went to the upper deck where the band was playing, and where all the action take place. We had to head back to the air-conditioned lower deck, as the Manila Bay scent wasn’t something to rave about too.
copy MB Dinner Cruise 009
copy MB Dinner Cruise 010
copy MB Dinner Cruise 011
copy MB Dinner Cruise 012

The ship sets sail towards the SM Mall of Asia. I booked our family dinner on a weekend when SM MOA exhibits a grand display fireworks at night.
copy MB Dinner Cruise 013
copy MB Dinner Cruise 012B
copy MB Dinner Cruise 013B

The Manila Bay Dinner Cruise was an unforgettable experience. I wouldn’t highly recommend it if you are searching for the perfect romantic date (in our case family date). But this surely is in our list of top to-talk-aabout-and-share family experiences.


Travel/Food Trip Spot: Sun Cruises, Manila Bay, Philippines
Address: Manila Bay, Philippines
Telephone Number: +63.2.834.6857 to 58 or +63.2.834.527.5555
Budget: PHP 600 – 800 per person


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