Travel: Estancia Resort Hotel

Ever since Dhomz’ sister has promised us a trip to Santorini in 2013 or 2014, we have been nothing but addicted to the place — from looking at Santorini pictures, daydreaming Santorini trips to watching Santorini-inspired movies.


To further hype up our Santorini addiction, we booked a room in the spacious Santorini Villa of Estancia Resort Hotel one cool May afternoon.

Estancia 021


Estancia Resort Hotel used to be a resort exclusively for its members’ use. Now, the resort has opened its doors to non-members who wished to experience first class accommodations in uniquely designed rooms, built far from the city’s noise and pollution, whilst enjoying the breathtaking view of the majestic Taal Lake.

Estancia 004

Estancia 003
Estancia 002


Guests can choose from rooms of different themes, from deluxe to casitas to santorini rooms. All rooms have the basic necessities from being air conditioned to having cold and cold showers, to having mini bars, and TV cable.
Estancia 005
Estancia 033
Estancia 032


When guests get bored inside the rooms, guests are free to explore the place, stay at the lobby or play games at the entertainment room.
Estancia 040

Estancia 038
Estancia 001

Estancia 026

Estancia 022
Estancia 025
Estancia 027
Estancia 028


Guests never go hungry in the in-house restaurant.
Estancia 037
Estancia 035


Kids can enjoy countless hours on the playground too.
Estancia 030


We opted to explore the banquet halls upstairs.
Estancia 036
Estancia 41


Guests can further explore the themed clusters too. Ohhh sooo loooooving the Santorini look.
Estancia 023
Estancia 021
Estancia 019
Estancia 017
Estancia 007

Estancia 018

Estancia 010
Estancia 013
Estancia 011
Estancia 009

Estancia 020


Limited water activities are also available at the 2 pools.
Estancia 006

Estancia 029
Estancia 034


Stay calm. Be relaxed. Book a slot or two in the jacuzzi and sauna rooms.
estancia jacuzzi and sauna


Ohhhh.. sooo looking forward to the Santorini trip in 2014! Until then, we just have to settle and be contented with the Santorini-inspired local spots the Philippines has to offer. Check out my Bellarocca ( adventure and my Thunderbird Poro Point trips!

Estancia 012


Travel: Estancia Resort Hotel
Address: Zone II Brgy. San Jose, Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines 4120
Telephone Number: +63.46.413.1133 to 35
Budget: PHP 6500++


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