Travel: Coron, Palawan

09 February 2012

Road Trip: Coron, Palawan


T’was time for a trip to the extremely beautiful beaches, islands, limestone formations, coral gardens, and hidden lakes of Coron, Palawan. This trip took 6 months to prepare. Preparation was inclusive of waiting for the cheapest possible flight, booking one of the best island resorts (I avoided the resorts/hotels/lodges/inns in mainland Coron), meeting with new friends who have their own swimsuit line, etc.
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Palawan is dubbed as the Last Frontier. The region has one of the top tourist spots in the Philippines. Coron is part of the Calamianes Group of Islands in the northern tip of Palawan in Luzon. It is a nature paradise with lots of natural tourist spots to offer, including white sandy beaches, limestone formations, coral gardens, sheltered lakes, coves, mountain tops, and Hot Springs.

February 4th. Day 1 of 3 of  Coron Trip.
Day 1 was R&R day. Arranged airport transfers plus arranged boat transfer plus Hung out at Dive Link’s pool area with a good book.
copy Coron 2011 002
copy Coron 2011 001

copy Coron 2011 007
copy Coron 2011 009
copy Coron 2011 005copy Coron 2011 011
copy Coron 2011 019

Home away from home for 3 days and 2 nights – Dive Link Resort.
copy Coron 2011 024
copy Coron 2011 025
copy Coron 2011 026
copy Coron 2011 028
copy Coron 2011 052copy Coron 2011 029
copy Coron 2011 031

Attempted to trek up the resort’s summit too. Operative term is ATTEMPTED.
copy Coron 2011 033

Aside from trekking and hanging around the pool, resort guests may also watch DVDs in the entertainment room, kayak for free around the island, and hang out at the bar in the next islet too.
copy Coron 2011 043
copy Coron 2011 051

February 5th. Day 2 of 3 of Coron Trip.
Day 2 was island hopping slash snorkeling day and bar night.
Day 2 started with free breakfast.
copy Coron 2011 053

Island hopping started at 8:30 AM, right after breakfast. Swimwear care of Soak and Koi (ty!). First destination: Kayangan Lake.

A quick note to all tourists: prepare to go up 75 steps up a mountain. Mini trekking is required.
copy Coron 2011 061
copy Coron 2011 063

copy Coron 2011 068
copy Coron 2011 067copy Coron 2011 085

A quick photo stopover in one of the caves overlooking turquoise blue water.
copy Coron 2011 074
copy Coron 2011 083

First glimpse of Kaylangan Lake!
copy Coron 2011 086

Second destination: Lunch at Atwayan Beach
copy Coron 2011 111
copy Coron 2011 113

CYC Beach – Free entrance to a white beach with lots of mangroves
copy Coron 2011 126
copy Coron 2011 139

Last stop. Twin Lagoon
copy Coron 2011 143

February 6th. Day 3 of 3 of  Coron Trip.
Day 3 was Coron Town tour. Went up Mount Tapyas by drudging on its 726 steps (not for the faint hearted).
copy Coron 2011 149
copy Coron 2011 151
copy Coron 2011 157
copy Coron 2011 169

Went to Maquinit hot springs for a lil bit more R&R before heading back to Manila.
copy Coron 2011 164
copy Coron 2011 168

Three days in Coron weren’t enough. I’ll book another trip to the islands before end of year or early 2013! The 2013 Coron trip would be solely dedicated to the province’s underwater haven – – all that majestic beauty that lays underneath the sea.
copy Coron 2011 173


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Travel Spot: Coron, Palawan, Philippines
Address: Palawan, Philippines
Telephone Number: Dive Link Resort: +632.413.6007 or +63.918.926-1545 or +63.918.959.2604
Budget: PHP 8000 – 12000 per person inclusive of airfare, hotel accommodation, island tour, airport transfers, boat transfers, etc.


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