Travel: Exclusive Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club

My inter-process team composed of team managers servicing the US and Canada portfolios of a well-known international bank deserved a break. The team needed its much awaited escape from work. Escape from stress. Escape from the everyday city hustle and bustle.

Pico de Loro. Our escape. Our relief. Our team R&R.

In Pico de Loro, a coastal escape awaited. Our relief began the moment we set foot in this very exclusive and private full-service country club (read: this country club was very exclusive, you’d need a member to get in and your guest list finalized a week before your visit- – special thanks to Cres for taking care of everything). Pico de Loro 001

Our comforts and conveniences were set amidst a breathtaking natural seaside environment. Got my team two units at Pico — a 2-bedroom condo unit for the ladies and a studio-type condo for the boys. Each came complete with kitchen and dining utensils, cgnal TV channel, free wife, and bedroom essentials.

Pico de Loro 002a Pico de Loro 002b Pico de Loro 003a Pico de Loro 003b Pico de Loro 004aPico de Loro 004d Pico de Loro 003c Pico de Loro 004e Pico de Loro 005 Pico de Loro 006

Heighten your usual resort experience with the distinctive exclusivity and privacy of a leisure club community. Pico de Loro 007a Pico de Loro 007b Pico de Loro 007c Pico de Loro 007d

The Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club is the highlight of the Pico de Loro Cove community. At the Beach Club, enjoy the sea breeze and the infinite view of the South China Sea. Enjoy a relaxing dip in the pool. Dine and enjoy Filipino/Californian/Mediterrian comfort foods at the cafe. Enjoy cocktails and refreshing drinks at the cafe’s al fresco bar. Explore the underwater world of the Hamilo Coast Coral Triangle, regarded as the world’s center for biodiversity. Pamper yourself with an outdoor massage.

Pico de Loro 008 Pico de Loro 008b Pico de Loro 008c Pico de Loro 009a Pico de Loro 009b Pico de Loro 009c Pico de Loro 009d Pico de Loro 009fPico de Loro 009g Pico de Loro 009e

Pico de Loro Sands Hotel. Pico de Loro’s exclusive hotel which showcases spacious interiors and awe-inspiring room views of the mountains and a tranquil man-made lagoon.

Pico de Loro 011

Pico de Loro Country Club is the ideal spot for family and friends. This is where guests and members get to engage in healthy and active lifestyle through a wide selection of indoor and outdoor sports and recreational amenities. Pico de Loro 012 Pico de Loro 012b Pico de Loro 012c

Pico de Loro 012kPico de Loro 012d Pico de Loro 012e Pico de Loro 012f Pico de Loro 012g Pico de Loro 012h Pico de Loro 012i Pico de Loro 012j

Complimentary shuttle services are available for guests and members. Shuttles cruise from the beach club to the residential units to the country club to the hotel to the chapel and back. Pico de Loro 010 Pico de Loro 013

Capping off our perfect weekend get-away with a mass at the St. Therese of the Child Jesus Chapel. The chapel was perched on a hill overlooking the coast, showcasing a stunning view of Pico de Loro Cove.

Pico de Loro 014a Pico de Loro 014b Pico de Loro 014c

Pico de Loro. Our escape. Our relief. Our team R&R. Pico de Loro 101

Energized to go back to work. Let’s go go go!


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======== DETAILS ===================

Travel Spot: Pico de Loro

Address: Pico de Loro Cove, Hamilo Coast, Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines

Telephone Number: +63.917.464.2867/+63.46.483.0012


Budget: PHP 10,000 for a group of 5



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