Travel: Tranquility at T House Tagaytay

Serenity. Peacefulness. Tranquility. Words that wouldn’t remotely describe my current state of mind in the work place as I handle an ongoing migration from Canada to Manila, meet the demands of 4 different business partners whose timezones are very much different from mine (think 12 to 15-hour difference) and as I lead a team of 140 plus plus employees towards business vision and company goals.


I am not complaining. Am loving my extensive span of control, in fact. Am oh so liking the idea of positively influencing 140 plus different souls from all walks of life.


But when my blood pressure stabilized (or not) at 130, no make it 140, no make it 150 over 100, it’s time to give my body some R and R time. It’s time to give the company nurse a break from worrying about whether to send me to the emergency room in the nearest hospital because Lozartan failed to keep my BP at bay again.


So off to Tranquility house I went with my beau one weekend in April. It was a tranquility house in every literal sense of the two words. We went to Tranquility house aka T-house one hot and humid April weekend up the rolling hills in the supposed-cool-weathered Tagaytay.


“Everyone goes through life with a set of goals and dreams. Most, if not all, seek to fulfill these aspirations relentlessly, trudging through drowned in work and creeping deadlines. T House Tagaytay offers an escape from such pressure, an escape littered with palpable, indulgent diversions. Here, you’ll forget about the stresses as you embrace unperturbed luxury at a tranquil pace. The journey to success should have its intermissions, so reward yourself and relish these moments. For you deserve the finer things in life.” – –


Affirming that I needed to reward myself. And I deserved the finer things in life. And I needed the R and R time at T House. Tranquility at its finest.

T House 001

T House 006

T House 003

T House 002

It was a tranquility vacation turned wedding ocular inspection too, hitting two birds with one stone. Events venue inspection.

T House 005


Relaxing and nourishing the body at the T House restaurant which served healthy meals made with the freshest ingredients.
T House 010
T House 007
T House 011

Relaxing in an appointed private room and a private spa space too for those intimate massage moments with your personal masseuse.
T House 008

T House 009

With stress-busting pools and jacuzzi to boot.
T House 004
T House 013

T House 014


Pool-side buffet was available for all in-house and walk-in guests. Buffet came complete with a bread corner, soup station, tempura nook, grilling nook and a delish desert table.
T House 015
T House 017
T House 018


Peacefully walking around the T House compound at night after a full buffet meal and before the spa appointment.
T House 012


After the spa treatment at 9 in the evening, we’re capping the night off with complimentary hot tea and butter cookies.
T House 019


The day after, prior to going back to Manila, Dhomz wanted to check out the nearby church too for a moment of prayer. Off we walked to the “Ina ng Laging Saklolo” church which was literally located beside T House.
T House 020


Serenity. Peacefulness. Tranquility.


For five minutes, it was just me and my man and our God on a date in His divine tranquil home.


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Road Trip: T House Tagaytay
Address: 3195 Calamba Road, Tagaytay City, Philippines
Telephone Number: +63.46.483.0012 ‎
Budget: PHP 3999++


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