Road Trip: De-stressing in H2O Hotel’s Aqua Room

23 January 2012


Road Trip: De-stressing in H2O Hotel’s Aqua Room


I have been working in a very stressful industry for almost ten years. It is but imperative that I get to de-stress every once in a while, preferably at least once every month — but due to my work-and-personal-life hectic sched, I only get to do it at least once every quarter. Booooo.


Water apparently, per studies, has several de-stressing-related benefits. Fish (yes, in water) is better. Both effectively calm the mind and soothe the soul. Aquariums, according to studies, also have a number of benefits which go way beyond just the beauty and aesthetic appeal. Several doctors, based in and out of the country, have advocated aquariums for the therapeutic benefits they offer. Aquarium creates excitement which flares imagination and aids in overcoming depression and anxiety. The colors and movement of life in an aquarium mesmerize anyone who witnesses its beauty. Aquariums have long been known to reduce stress and enhance the mood of anyone in its presence. Some health articles indicate that beautiful fish tank also works wonders for lowering blood pressure!


Off to look for a big fish tank. Off to overcome stress and possibly lower my blood pressure (which to date is being maintained by Losartan!). I was estatic when I heard about H2O hotel and its exclusive aqua rooms. This aqua venue would probably be my ultimate de-stress place. Time to book a room.


But booking an aqua room proved to be a challenge (stressful again). I had to reserve at least three weeks in advance, as most of the aqua rooms were fully booked!


The room was worth the wait. I do hope the pictures below speak for themselves.


H2O hotel is an aqua-themed hotel located in the heart of Manila. It is located in the same complex as Manila Ocean Park’s.


My first H2O stay was during the Christmas season. The lobby was elegantly decorated with a big Christmas tree. While waiting for available rooms, guests waiting at the lobby would watch Manila Ocean Park’s guests (mostly children enjoying their field trips) lining downstairs to the Oceanarium. Read my first Manila Ocean Park visit here.

copy H2O Hotel 061
copy H2O Hotel 060
copy H2O Hotel 007
copy H2O Hotel 004

We decided to go around the complex first.
copy H2O Hotel 014
copy H2O Hotel 012


Manila Ocean Park still remains to showcase different kinds of fishies, from the smallest baby bamboo sharks still in their eggs in the mini aquariums, to the biggest sharks and sting rays swimming by the infamous Manila Ocean Park water tunnel. The Oceanarium still remains to be MOP’s biggest attraction.
copy H2O Hotel 015
copy H2O Hotel 016
copy H2O Hotel 018
copy H2O Hotel 020
copy H2O Hotel 022
copy H2O Hotel 024
copy H2O Hotel 025
copy H2O Hotel 026
copy H2O Hotel 027
copy H2O Hotel 034
copy H2O Hotel 036

copy H2O Hotel 047
copy H2O Hotel 048


Its newest main attraction is the “Trails to Antartica.” This attraction wasn’t existent yet when I first visited MOP in 2009. It opened in… but we failed to enter at our first H2O stay due to time constraints. Hence, I made it a point to secure tickets on our second H2O R&R.


Trails to Antartica came complete with an ice sled (See moi screaming my lungs out. Definitely not my best shot), upclose encounter with the penguins, and the -degree Snow Village. I highly recommend that you wear comfy warm shoes and clothes. We were wearing two winter jackets (the red one lent by the Snow Village staff and crew) yet we were already freezing cold in 10 minutes. The temperature inside the Snow Village was far worse than the bitter New York and New Jersey winter I have experienced several years ago. Talk about bitter brrrrr.
Copy H2O Hotel 900
copy H2O Hotel 100


The Manila Ocean Park complex also has a mall, complete with stores that sell toys, clothes, shoes, food, bags, etc.
copy H2O Hotel 011


The Liquid Pool and Lounge is cozy restaurant slash bar which aims to pioneer a refreshing clubbing experience in an infused environment of urban club scene and beach getaway. Liquid Pool and Lounge guests may either dance on the regular dry floor or dive and dance in the 3-feet pool.
copy H2O Hotel 059


I wasn’t exactly in the mood to dip in a not-so-private pool. I’d rather relax with a glass (or two or three) of Tequila Rose while watching the famous Manila Bay sunset. The Moonbar was the perfect place to relax and unwind with my pink drink while watching the pink sky.
copy H2O Hotel 057
copy H2O Hotel 056
copy H2O Hotel 052


Free tickets to Acuatica (the very entertaining fountain show) were given by my travel agent.


Going around the Manila Ocean Park complex with two hours of sleep the night before was extremely tiring. It was time to head back to our hotel room.
copy H2O Hotel 002


The aqua room was named after the big wall of aquarium. Atmosphere was extremely soothing and relaxing.
copy H2O Hotel 001


But I did not settle for a room snooze. I strutted my way to Zenyu eco spa at the second floor for complete R&R and pampering. Hot bed + massage + fish spa = zzzzz.


Oh, I do love H2O hotel. I stayed there again after a month to de-stress. Note: went there to de-stress after a month – – not after a quarter. Seems like I’m doing better with this work-life balance after all. Happy happy joy joy.


Where do I de-stress next? Somewhere with aquamarine blue waters, colorful fishes, lots of islands, countless corals, etc. Watch out for my next de-stress vacay.


Travel Spot: H2O Hotel
Address: Luneta, Manila, Philippines (Behind the Quirino Grandstand, Philippines
Telephone Number: +63.2.238 6100
Email address:
Budget: Rates range per room, from PHP 9,700 park view rooms to PHP 11,200 bay view rooms, to PHP 11,500 aqua rooms, to almost PHP 40,000 executive suite. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Please visit for more details.
Others: call in to reserve several weeks in advance. The rooms especially the aqua ones get fully booked quickly.


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