Food Trip: Hawaiian Bar-b-que, Tagaytay

24 December 2011


Food Trip: Hawaiian Bar-b-que, Tagaytay


The Hawaiian Bar-b-que is The Boutique hotel’s (read about The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Hotel here) restaurant. It has branches in Tagaytay and Boracay. I love both branches, and I make it a point to visit these branches whenever I’m in the Bora or Tagaytay areas respectively.
- Hawaiian Bar-b-que 035

- Hawaiian Bar-b-que 018


I first went to the Hawaiian Bar-b-que approximately four years ago, went with closest friends and colleagues from work. We had lunch, en route to our boss’ beach in Aplaya, Calatagan which was, at that time, still being constructed and we had to test the amenities.


We fell in love with Hawaiaan Bar-b-que. This popular food establishment is found in the same building as The Boutique Bed and Breakfast overlooking the majestic Taal volcano and Taal lake.


Hawaiian-Bar-B-Que takes pride most at its roster of dishes in the menu. Hawaiian-Bar-B-Que is mostly offering Hawaiian-inspired cuisines. On the menu are fruit-infused meat bar-b-ques and seafood conceptualized by chef entrepreneur Happy Ongpauco (of the famous Ongpauco clan who gave Filipinos a taste of good food from the Barrio Fiesta Group of Companies) and her partner businessman Dexter Tiu.


The Hawaiian Bar-b-que’s best seller is the flavorful Hawaiian Baby Back Ribs. Hungry hotel guests of The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Hotel and walk-in resto guests rave about the tenderness and juiciness of the meat. The meat is tender, evidently falling off the bones. The ribs go perfectly well with any sidings — rice, mashed potato or fries. This dish is a must order!
- Hawaiian Bar-b-que 001


During our stay in The Boutique B&B hotel in 2011, the restaurant served our dinner and breakfast.


For breakfast, we had a Continental feast complete with soup, a tray of pastry, and fruit dessert. Both juice and coffee/tea were also served.
- Hawaiian Bar-b-que 010
- Hawaiian Bar-b-que 023
- Hawaiian Bar-b-que 024
- Hawaiian Bar-b-que 033 copy


As main entrees, we had beef tapa and gourmet tuyo.
- Hawaiian Bar-b-que 025
- Hawaiian Bar-b-que 028


The ambiance was elegant yet comfy, and at night romantic. The majestic view of the Taal volcano and Taal lake will take your breath away.
- Hawaiian Bar-b-que 020
- Hawaiian Bar-b-que 013
- Hawaiian Bar-b-que 015
- Hawaiian Bar-b-que 016


The boutique hotel. Highly recommended. A must try when you are in the Tagaytay (or Boracay) areas.


Travel Spot: Hawaiian Bar-b-que
Address: 45 Aguinaldo highway, Silang Crossing East, Tagaytay City, Philippines
Telephone Number: +63.46.4131798; +63.46.8602716; +63.927.3632660
Email address:
Budget: PHP 500 to PHP 1000 per restaurant guest


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