Travel: Mai Birthday at Bellarocca

17 October 2011


Travel: Mai Birthday at Bellarocca


To celebrate my birthday, I went in search of a spa island in the Philippines. This land in the middle of the sea is a resort, spa and lifestyle island. This island’s name is Bellarocca.


Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa was launched in February 2009 and is scheduled to be fully operational by 2012. Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa offers an excellent experience given its white Santorini-inspired architecture on rough rolling cobblestone-lain terrain. The contrast between the azure blue sky above and the clear aquamarine water below makes this island truly amazing.


Going to Bellarocca in Marinduque would require you to travel by air, land, and sea. Marinduque flights are available daily via Zest Air. Flight from Manila to Marinduque takes approximately 30 minutes, weather-dependent.


After the plane ride, Bellarocca guests are greeted by Bellarocca staff at the airport. A Bellarocca van awaits guests at the airport and drives them for 45 minutes from the airport in Gasan and through the town of Buenavista. By the roadside are the views of the Sibuyan Sea and the three islands named Tres Reyes or the Three Kings.


The Bellarocca van brings guests from the Marinduque airport to the Bellarocca jetty.
Bellarocca 001 copy
Bellarocca 003 copy


Life vests were provided for everyone before boarding the speed boat.
Bellarocca 005 copy


From the jetty, the Bellarocca island is in full view.
Bellarocca 007 copy
Bellarocca 016 copy


Speedboats carry guests from Marinduque mainland to Bellarocca island and spa.
Bellarocca 012 copy


Golf carts then bring guests from the jetty to the hotel.
Bellarocca 024 copy


Guests are welcomed by staff, dancing and singing in their local dialect. Organic necklaces are also given to the guests.
Bellarocca 015 copy


To fully enjoy all facilities and amenities, we stayed in the Bellarocca Hotel. Other room options include the Terrazas and the Villas (low white buildings standing on a cliff, facing the main island of Marinduque). Hotel rates range from USD 420 to 660 per room. Terazza is worth USD 540 and Villa pricerange is from USD 840 to 1320, dependent on the number of rooms (1-bedroom or 2-bedroom villas).


A short briefing is done at the lobby.
Bellarocca 057 copy
Bellarocca 100 copy


Pandan juice is served as a welcome drink.
Bellarocca 027 copy


Our hotel room.
Bellarocca 028 copy
Bellarocca 029 copy


Our restroom with clear glass separating the bathroom and the bedroom.
Bellarocca 032 copy


Marinduque Main Land – view from our room.
Bellarocca 039 copy
Bellarocca 037 copy
Bellarocca 040 copy


Meals are served in the clubhouse main restaurant. You may request for room service too.
Bellarocca 093 copy
Bellarocca 098 copy
Bellarocca 096 copy
Bellarocca 094 copy


Indoor activities are available. Feel free to play billiards, surf the internet, and play table football in the entertainment room.
Bellarocca 051 copy
Bellarocca 044 copy


DVDs, books, magazines, and board games are available in the library.
Bellarocca 049 copy
Bellarocca 048 copy


Day one was awesome. We spent a big chunk of our day outdoors – – island tour, meditation in the outdoor meditation room, snorkeling, and swimming.


All aqua sports are managed by the Aqua Sports center. The small strip of man-made beach is the only beach Bellarocca has, and is good for water activities. I highly discourage leisure swimming in the beach, as waves are big and that aqua socks are needed to protect your feet from the stoney/coral-y sand.


Island Tour: Villas and Terrazas
Bellarocca 166 copy
Bellarocca 163 copy
Bellarocca 062 copy
Bellarocca 058 copy
Bellarocca 026 copy


Island Tour: Pavilion Restaurant
Bellarocca 159 copy


Island Tour: Infinity Pool
Bellarocca 088 copy
Bellarocca 082 copy
Bellarocca 078 copy


Island Tour: Aqua Sports Center
Bellarocca 072 copy


Island Tour: Meditation Room. Wedding and masses are held here.
Bellarocca 068 copy
Bellarocca 070 copy


Island Tour: Spa and Jacuzzi
Bellarocca 064 copy
Bellarocca 065 copy
Bellarocca 067 copy


We went snorkeling on day one. Life vest, aqua shoes, snorkeling gear were provided free of charge. We also had our own private guide to escort us to the well-preserved corals and colorful fishes. There were lots of blue starfishes and rainbow-colored fishes.
Bellarocca 119 copy


Day two was my birthday! The view outside showed that the weather wasn’t exactly birthday-friendly.
Bellarocca 102 copy

Bellarocca 128 copy
Bellarocca 111 copy
Bellarocca 110 copy


However, our morning outdoor activities were cut short by the arrival of the rain clouds. It was then officially signal number one in Marinduque.
Bellarocca 152 copy

Before lunchtime, while raining, we opted to swim in the lap pool near our hotel room.
Bellarocca 167 copy


Birthday lunch – Pizza and Pasta
Pizza Napolitana – tomatoes, mozarella, anchovies, capers, and oregano
Bellarocca 994 copy


Penne Pesto – basil, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, and parmesan cheese on penne pasta
Bellarocca 992 copy


All activities we did from noon onwards were indoors – – DVD marathon, videoke, channel surfing, internet, billiards, etc. I also got to do some R&R in the bath tub.

Videoke at the bar
Bellarocca 091 copy


Exploring the gym too. We didn’t bring rubber shoes. =(
AA and Mai Bellaroca 907 copy
AA and Mai Bellaroca 906 copy


While singing our hearts out in the videoke room in the evening, my complimentary birthday cake was served. Thanks Bellarocca staff! I was alsmost under the impression that the day would end birthday-cake-less.
Bellarocca 996 copy


Our third and last day was spent packing our bags and getting ready for the flight back home. Luggage was collected as early as 10 AM.


Day three breakfast consisted of soft rolls, jams, and butter. Surprisingly, several guests rave about Bellarocca’s soft rolls. I say, the rolls are a-okay. Nothing fancy and extraordinary.
Bellarocca 990 copy


The service of the staff was truly excellent. Everyone was very polite and courteous. Everyone was very accommodating. They would stop what they were doing to attend to you immediately. Customer service = two thumbs up.


The facilities and amenities were extensive. The designs, decors, and architecture were superb.


There were two areas for improvement though:
1. Indoor Activities. There were free outdoor water activities in the aqua sports center. But given the possibility of rain, more indoor activities should be made available other than board games, internet, and dvds. I am positive that more activities shall be available soon. Bellarocca will have a new front desk supervisor soon. I am positive that she’ll do wonders (right Chet? =D)
2. Food. Food taste was ah-okay. However, taste does not directly correlate with the food price. I would normally willingly pay for expensive food, on the premise that its taste is excellent. I have been to several five star hotels and restaurants which serve better-tasting food at lower price. Bellaracca needs “to-rave-about food.”


Travel Spot: Bellarocca
Address: Barangay Tungib, Lipata, Municipality of Buenavista,
Province of Marinduque, Philippines
Phone number: +63.2.817.7290; +63.2.328.8831
Others: Prepare your credit card for convenience. Charge restaurant bill, spa services to your room.
Budget: hotel/terazza/villas range from USD 420 to 1320, good for two people. Extra person/bed is worth USD 60. Note that this not inclusive of meals, but inclusive of roundtrip land and sea transfers from the airport, welcome refreshments, accommodation (villas have their own eternity pool), internet cable connectivity in room, wifi connectivity in select public areas, golf cart service, access to resort amenities (9-hole golf course, 2 main pools, tea house, meditation sanctuary, gym, entertainment room, restaurant, library, etc).

Feel free to leave your comments.

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