Food Trip: Celebrating Birthdays at Stacy’s

09 October 2011


Food Trip: Celebrating Birthdays at Stacy’s


Sean’s 8th birthday was celebrated in a family-friendly, cozy, designed-for-kids restaurant in Capitol Hills.


Stacy’s is a cozy dainty cheery all-day-breakfast little restaurant serving home-cooked comfort food. This white restaurant with its splashes of pastel colors can and will make any resto guest feel giddy and child-like (read: I was resisting the urge to skip towards the restaurant from the parking lot. Yes, it’s that homey, cozy, and inviting!)
Stacy's 004 copy

Stacy's 006 copy
Stacy's 007 copy
Stacey's 001 copy


Free Buttered Popcorn with pretzels and marshmallows.
Stacy's 003 copy


Nachos for Appetizer
Stacy's 002 copy


My brother’s order (soup) – Creamy Pumpkin Soup with Toasted Bacon – 105.00
Stacy's 022 copy


My brother’s order (entree) – Layered Sausage and Potato Pie – 195.00
Casserole of ground beef and Hungarian sausage bits crowned with cheesy smashed potatoes and served with herbed rice and good-for-you veggies


My friend’s order – Stacy Jones – 195.00
Tender yakiniku cut US beef sirloin tapa smothered with loads of fried garlic. Served with anyway you like em eggs, caramelized tomatoes and roasted garlic rice
Stacy's 020 copy


Mah Little Man Sean’s order – Texas Barbecue Ribs – 245.00
Slow cooked and oh-so-tender country style ribs, generously glazed with their very own lip smacking barbeque sauce served with herbed rice and steamed veggies
Stacy's 019 copy


My order – Homebaked Chicken Parmesan – 190.00
Everyday food has never been this tasty! Baked chicken fillet in Italian herbs and chunky tomato sauce layered with oodles of Parmesan and mozzarella cheese, topped on a bed of herbed rice pilaf
Stacy's 021 copy


Mom’s order – Pork Casserole
Stacy's 024 copy


Dad’s order –
Stacy's 018 copy


Drinks – Lemonade and Green Apple Iced Tea (both are good)
Stacy's 010 copy


Free Butter Ball Candies come with your receipt and change.
Stacy's 056 copy


Atmosphere was homey and was very appealing to kids and to kids-at-heart. Kids and adults can play with the wooden building blocks, wooden tic tac toe set, and can read magazines and newspapers.
Stacy's 008 copy


Kids can read and play in the white-picket-fence garden area inside the restaurant.
Stacy's 014 copy
Stacy's 055 copy

Stacy's 028 copy
Stacy's 031 copy

Sean’s Birthday Cake is c/o Vanessa of Vanessa’s Pastry Shop who made Sean’s cake at a very short notice. Thanks Vanessa!


Stacy’s is now in my list o “happy restaurants.” Whenever I need a bit of cheering up, Stacy’s is my nearby go-to restaurant.
Stacy's 015 copy

Restaurant: Stacy’s
Address: Capitol Greenstreet Commercial Center,
1 Capitol Hills Drive, Quezon City, Philippines
Phone number: +63 927 326-2244 | +63 933 442-7661 | +63 917 847-2229
Website: TBA
Others: Call before going there. Stacy’s only accepts reservations on weekdays. However, on weekends, all guests should walk in. Call in advance too, as the restaurant might be closed for kiddie events.
Budget: PHP 300 per person


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