Road Trip: Exclusive Anvaya Cove in Bataan

11 August 2011


Road Trip: Exclusive Anvaya Cove in Bataan


What’s a better way to kick-off the Premier family’s first management team building for 2011 than to celebrate time with colleagues and friends at the strictly all-exclusive members-only Anvaya Cove in Bataan.

Premier Anvaya  011 copy
Premier Anvaya  012 copy


Anvaya means family in Sanskit. Anvaya Cove is Ayala Land Premier’s first venture in leisure development. Its amenities and facilities have been specially designed to be family-friendly and barkada-friendly.


Anvaya Cove is an all exclusive seaside residential community which offers neighborhoods with distinctive environments set against stunning views of the mountains of the Bataan range and the waters of Subic Bay. Its admission is strictly limited to members and homeowners, their dependents and guests.


T’was a cool early Saturday morning in July. Coming from a Friday shift, all the managers and assistant managers in my department were tired. We were sleepy and exhausted – – but extremely excited. Despite coming from a sleepless 9-hour shift, we were excited to hit the road to Bataan, to finally be in Bataan’s most exclusive seaside residential community.


Anvaya Cove is a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Manila via NLEX and SCTEX. Anvaya Cove is 30 minutes away from the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (via the road beside thickly-jungled mountainside and bamboo forests). Feel free to quickly stop over at the Subic Bay Freeport to buy stuff that you have left in Manila. In our case, we stopped by Subic to buy imported liquor, chocolates, snacks, and Poptarts – – all tax-free. Anvaya Cove is 30 minutes away from the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (via the road beside thickly-jungled mountainside and bamboo forests).


We stayed in a privately-owned villa. Club members either have their own houses and villas in Anvaya or they stay at the clubhouse, hotel-style.
Premier Anvaya  015 copy


Anvaya Cove Villa. Our villa was good for 12 people.
Premier Anvaya  016 copy
Premier Anvaya  017 copy


It can comfortably house 12 guests in its four rooms, servant/driver’s quarter exclusive.
Premier Anvaya  020 copy
Premier Anvaya  030 copy


Our room was the biggest – -with our own jacuzzi and walk-in closet. =)
Premier Anvaya  024 copy
Premier Anvaya  027 copy
Premier Anvaya  028 copy


After sleeping, eating, sleeping, drinking, sleeping, watching DVDs, and sleeping, we all drove down to the clubhouse to enjoy the water — the beach, kiddie pool, lap pool, and infinity pool.


Balinese-inspired pavilion leading to the kiddie pool and infinity pool.
Premier Anvaya  081 copy
Premier Anvaya  083 copy
Premier Anvaya  085 copy



In true Ayala fashion, nature is abundant around the clubhouse.Premier Anvaya  086 copy


Clubhouse Lobby
Premier Anvaya  088 copy
Premier Anvaya  091 copy
Premier Anvaya  092 copy


Premier Anvaya  133 copy


Pools. Lap Pool. Infinity Pool. Kiddie Pool.
Premier Anvaya  098 copy
Premier Anvaya  101 copy
Premier Anvaya  111 copy
Premier Anvaya  094 copy


White sand beach. Subic waters meeting Bataan mountain range.
Premier Anvaya  103 copy
Premier Anvaya  104 copy
Premier Anvaya  105 copy
Premier Anvaya  106 copy
Premier Anvaya  107 copy
Premier Anvaya  132 copy


Anvaya Cove is a great place to take your vacation, great for families which want to have a quick weekend getaway from Manila, close friends and barkadas which needed a quick time-off the usual Manila gimmicks, or for companies which want to hold their management company outings.


Travel Spot: Anvaya Cove
Address: Bataan, Philippines
Telephone Number: TBA
Budget: PHP 12,000 per group of 10 people
Others: Anvaya Cove is a strictly exclusive seaside community. Its admission is strictly limited to members and homeowners, their dependents and guests.


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5 thoughts on “Road Trip: Exclusive Anvaya Cove in Bataan

    • Hi. Anvaya rents per house, not per room. However, upon checking up with Anvaya recently, they no longer rents out their facilities to non-members.

  1. I hope you can extend me who to contact & how to rent for a few days & stay here. I really like the place but i dont know anyone or afford to buy a place & stay here.

    How much was the food? If the beach front great?

    Thank you in advance, i really appreciate it

    • Hi. As of mid-2013, Anvaya has been made exclusive to members and their guests only. None of the members we know have been allowed by Anvaya to rent out their houses. As this is a premier club, food at the clubhouse was a bit pricey but delish. Beach was okay, as the sand was grayish. However, the entire facilities of Anvaya make up for the grayish beach. =)

  2. good day!

    FULLY FURNISHED CONDO UNITS FOR RENT @ pico de loro beach & country club-HAMILO COAST
    Overnight Stay starts P4,500/night

    COOKING is allowed

    peak season rates:
    STUDIO UNIT Php 4,500- 5,500k/night (maximum 6 persons)
    1 BEDROOM UNIT with balcony P6,000-P7,000/night ( maximum 7 persons)
    2 BEDROOM UNIT LOFT TYPE 104 sqms. P9,500- P10,500/night ( maximum 10 persons)
    2 BEDROOM UNIT – FLAT TYPE 92 sqms. P9,500- P11,000/night (maximum 10 persons)

    Total of 10 UNITS available FOR RENT

    jean ner

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