Food Trip: Lolo Dad’s

25 July 2011


Food Trip: Lolo Dad’s


I have been wanting to go to Lolo Dad’s since 2009, but have been dreading going to Malate, as I usually end up either getting lost or begging a traffic enforcer not to take my driver’s license. Two years after, I was pleasantly surprised to know that Lolo Dad’s opened a second branch in 6750 Makati. Now that’s a more familiar place!

Lolo Dad's 033 copy


Lolo Dad’s is named after the Ayuyao clan’s patriarch. Lolo Dad’s Brasserie at 6750 is an offspring of the original Lolo Dad’s branch in Malate. Lolo Dad’s branch in Makati was established to cater to the professionals and residents working and residing in the Makati area, while the house-converted-to-resto-in-Malate still also serves its fine-dining specialties to foodies and its long-time patrons.


We were ready for our Lolo Dad’s experience one cool early July afternoon. After visiting the Louis Vuitton shop in Greenbelt to inquire about my soon-to-be-acquired personalized LV bag (yey!), we excitedly drove to 6750 for our 5-course-meal late lunch. I was extremely excited and was anticipating the gastronomic experience Lolo Dad’s has to offer. Foodie friends have been raving about the restaurant even before I started doing resto reviews. That, plus Lolo Dad’s is also a winner of the first Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets for Best Intercontinental Cuisine and Best Chef. Beat that. =D


Most of the tables were reserved. Thank goodness the resto accepts very early reservation. I got us a table more than a week prior.
Lolo Dad's 007 copy


Warm Spinach and Sauteed Mushroom Salad — Feta, Roasted Garlic-Smoked bacon vinaigrette
A simple yet uber flavorful appetizer.
Lolo Dad's 013 copy


Dairyless Tomato and Roasted Garlic Soup — Fresh Goat’s cheese and Basil crouton
Lolo Dad's 016 copy


Pizzza Carbonarra — Mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, Mushrooms and Smoked Bacon in Cream base sauce cooked with Whole Egg
Lolo Dad's 021 copy


Charcuterie Pizza — Jamon Serrano, Chorizo and Salami with Arugula and Apple salad toped Basic Pizza
Lolo Dad's 020 copy


Goose Fat Fried Chicken with Bun — String beans, bun and gravy
Lovin’ everything on this plate. The goose fat fried chicken was perfectly complemented by the salted beans. The bun was surprisingly delicious. The gravy tasted amazingly excellent!
Note: I’m no fan of fried chickens and beans and buns, but this meal was delish!
Lolo Dad's 023 copy


Prawn Rigatoni Pasta in Garlic and Olive oil — With Prosciutto and Arugula toast
Lolo Dad's 022 copy


Dessert: Coffee Cake
Lolo Dad's 030 copy


With Lolo Dad’s warm cozy interiors, delish food, and superb service, we would definitely be back. Looking forward to trying out Lolo Dad’s Lunch Special Menu. Plus here’s to hoping to personally meet Chef Ariel Manuel too. (Paging Chef Ariel =D)
Lolo Dad's 010 copy


Restaurant: Lolo Dad’s Brasserie 6750
Address: Lolo Dad’s Brasserie 6750 Makati City Philippines
Telephone Number: +63.2.813-6750
Budget: PHP 800 – 2000 per person
Others: Highly recommend that you take advantage of their Lunch Special Menu worth PHP 800 plus Service Charge. You get to enjoy your choice of soup, pizza, pasta, entree, and dessert.



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