Food Trip: Chef’s Table by Bruce Lim

19 June 2011


Food Trip: Chef’s Table by Bruce Lim


God took the strength of a mountain, The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun, The calm of a quiet sea,
The generous soul of nature, The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages, The power of the eagle’s flight,
Then God combined these qualities, When there was nothing more to add,
He knew His masterpiece was complete, And so, He called it … Dad
Happy Happy Happy Dad’s Day! =D


To avoid the usual heavy traffic along EDSA and C5 on Father’s Day, the Pascua family had an anticipated Father’s Day Celeb a night prior June 19th. My family celebrated Father’s Day in a Filipino modern dining setting with celebrity chef, Bruce Lim in his own “private” kitchen.

Chefs Table 010 copy


A chef’s table is technically a table especially located inside the restaurant’s kitchen, reserved for VIPs and special guests. Patrons are served a themed tasting menu prepared and served by the head chef.


Our reserved table was by the open kitchen. Hence we could see all the preparation and cooking done by the chefs. Chef’s Table’s Filipino dishes have exquisite tastes from all over the country, masterfully cooked before the guests’ very eyes. Guests can enjoy the view of the kitchen action from all perspectives and angles.
Chefs Table 006 copy
Chefs Table 004 copy
Chefs Table 005b copy


The restaurant interiors had a minimalist look with major brown decor, linen-free tables, and no-fuss wooden chairs. The no-fuss decor perfectly complements the restaurant’s angular ceiling and walls. Given that Chef Bruce’s family is one of the biggest furniture suppliers from Cebu City, the no fuss wooden chairs are actually stylized school tables and chairs. They come complete with Chef’s Table branded yellow pencils which guests can take home.
Chefs Table 007 copy


Instead of table linens, the restaurant has manila paper placemats that guests can draw and sketch on while waiting for the food.
Chefs Table 015 copy


(Disclaimer: When food was served, my DLSR battery was completely discharged. Hence, I had to use my iphone camera. Apologies for the noisy/grainy pics from this point onwards.)


The Filipino menu is quite extensive, ranging from Pampagana (Appetizers), Sabaw (Soup), Salad (Ensalada), Pasta (Pandaigdigagang Pancit), Ulam (Entree), Gulay (Vegetables), Kanin (Rice), and Panghimagas (Desserts).


For Pampagana (Appetizer), Ensaladang Tuna and Salmon was ordered. A combination of fresh tuna and salmon enhanced with local aromatics topped with kamote chips.
Chefs Table 028 copy


For Sabaw (Soup), we ordered the highly recommended Roasted Tomato Halaan Soup. Fresh halaan steamed in lambanog combined with a rich roasted tomato puree.
Chefs Table 018 copy


For Salad (Ensalada), my mom enjoyed Crab Salad. Mixed greens tossed in shallot vinaigrette topped iwth Mud Crab Meat, fresh fruits and vegetables.
Chefs Table 024 copy


Little boy Sean specifically wanted pasta. He ordered Beef Steak Pasta, penne pasta sauteed in steak sauce enhanced with calamansi topped with tender beef slices, onion rings and queso de bola.
Chefs Table 066 copy


For ulam (entree), the whole family enjoyed Dinuguan, a combination of crispy and soft pork belly in an Ilocos-inspired savory sauce topped with chili fingers.
Chefs Table 061 copy


We also ordered Kare-kare, soft ox tail chunks drenched with creamy peanut sauce served with eggplant caviar.


I specifically ordered Chef’s table’s highly-raved-about Prawn Aligue My Way. Prawns on a bed of sotanghon flavored with aligue sauce wrapped in banana leaf, oven baked to perfection.

Chefs Table 068 copy


To balance our meat entrees, vegetables were ordered. Salted eggs and minced pork, Chef’s Table’s version of the classic tortang talong.
Chefs Table 062 copy


My mocktail Chef’s Star. A perfect blend of fresh mangoes, heavy cream and lemon grass extract topped with black gulaman.
Chefs Table 025 copy


My whole family enjoyed the open kitchen “Chef’s Table” experience. There was so much to appreciate in the entire food preparation process, as Filipino families which dine here get to taste Filipino cuisine presented at its best, and get to witness “kitchen action” and “chefs collaboration” at its finest.


Restaurant: Chef’s Table
Address: Unit 106, The Infinity Tower, 26th St., Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number: +63.2.399.1888
Budget: PHP 200 – 1000 per person
Open from 12 PM – 2 PM; 6:30 PM – 12 AM

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