Event: Bonifacio Global City Passion Parade

05 June 2011


Event: Bonifacio Global City Passion Parade


Received an email four weeks ago from a blogger friend, inviting us to watch the first ever Bonifacio Global City (BGC) Passion Parade. Several groups were invited by the BGC management to show their passion for different hobbies, sports, pets, and clubs during the parade on May 28th and June 4th at 5 PM.


We were supposed to cover the event on its first weekend, May 28th. However, due to the heavy rains in the Quezon City area, we decided to let the first one go and attend the second parade scheduled on June 4th instead.


On June 4th, we witnessed the second run of the First Giant Balloon Parade brought by Bonifacio Global City (BGC). It was a Filipino version of Macy’s Thanskgiving Parade. The parade passed through the main streets of Bonifacio High Street. It featured big colorful displays of 7 to 12-foot high giant balloon sculptures. It also featured several groups with members passionate about their hobbies, sports, clubs, pets, etc. BGC’s passion communities were composed of cyclists, runners, skateboarders, Miata sports car and Mini Cooper enthusiasts.
BGC Parade 2011 004 copy
BGC Parade 2011 005 copy


Miata sports car parade in different colors.
BGC Parade 2011 007 copy
BGC Parade 2011 010 copy
BGC Parade 2011 011 copy


Drums, lyres, and trombones went next, playing the BGC theme song.
BGC Parade 2011 021 copy
BGC Parade 2011 022 copy


Barely Legal, a group of booty-shaking lawyers who have passion in running came next.
BGC Parade 2011 030 copy


Next were the bikers composed of members of Loop Bikers and Mountain Bike Phils. They were followed by the skaters.
BGC Parade 2011 055 copy
BGC Parade 2011 056 copy


Last set of paraders was the Mini Cooper Club.
BGC Parade 2011 069 copy
BGC Parade 2011 071 copy
BGC Parade 2011 077 copy
BGC Parade 2011 079 copy
BGC Parade 2011 081 copy


Several gigantic balloon sculptures were paraded too.
BGC Parade 2011 094 copy
BGC Parade 2011 018 copy
BGC Parade 2011 051 copy
BGC Parade 2011 059 copy


Some of the gigantic balloons represented some of BGC’s public art installations like Gerardo Leonardo’s ˜Balanghai” and Reynato Paz Contreras’ “The Trees.”
BGC Parade 2011 049 copy
BGC Parade 2011 064 copy


Subjects of passion such as camera, flowers, and pet dogs served as inspirations to some of the balloon sculptures.
BGC Parade 2011 026 copy
BGC Parade 2011 045 copy
BGC Parade 2011 062 copy


Guests were given free handmade balloons twisted like crowns, wings, swords, flower head dresses and fish head pieces.
BGC Parade 2011 031 copy
BGC Parade 2011 060 copy


However, kids had to endure the long lines to get one. We stayed in the line for an hour (with a few rests on the grass) to get Sean a sword balloon replica.
BGC Parade 2011 096 copy
BGC Parade 2011 111 copy


Other parents stayed in line with their pet dogs.
BGC Parade 2011 128 copy
BGC Parade 2011 153 copy


Some larger dogs went bezerk when provoked by the chihuahuas.
BGC Parade 2011 154 copy
BGC Parade 2011 158 copy


As invited by several photographers, we dropped by DPP’s anniversary celebration too. Several professional photographers were conducting lectures since 10 AM. I was supposed to drop by Sir Jo’s (Avila) lecture but I left my other phone at home. Hence, I couldn’t contact Jo to confirm his time slot. Raymund Isaac was in the lecture tent at 6PM, teaching a big crowd how to shoot celebrities.


On the way to the DPP Tent
BGC Parade 2011 169 copy


Raymund Isaac in the house.
BGC Parade 2011 174 copy


BGC Passion Parade + DPP Anniversary. Several interesting activities all rolled in two events in one venue in one day. =D

Event: Bonifacio Global City Passion Parade
Address: 5th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Budget: Free

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