Food Trip: Revisiting Cafe Ysabel in 2011

09 April 2011

Food Trip: Revisiting Cafe Ysabel in 2011

It was an extremely busy day. As early as 7 AM, I was up and about, preparing to watch the Pacquiao-Mosley fight in Outback Steakhouse Libis. Right after Pacquiao’s successful fight, ‘had to go straight to San Juan to celebrate Mother’s day with my family – – inclusive of mom, dad, my bro, my little boy, aunt who is visiting from the States, and Amang (my grandpa) who is also visiting from the States.

My family’s schedule had been chaotic for the past few days. While am at work, mom would usually send an SMS indicative of the their current location, ranging from up north in Pangasinan, central in Makati or QC, or down south in Laguna. It was due to this chaotic sched that a Mother’s Day celeb with the whole fam seemed improbable…until mom confirmed late afternoon of May 8th that they are free on May 9th after lunch. ‘Had to work quickly and pull some strings to get some reservations done. ‘Had to call several restaurants to make my last minute reservation.

My fam celebrated last year’s mother’s day in the same resto too. Click here to read Cafe Ysabel 2010 Mother’s Day article.

The same homey cozy ambiance was still evident. The same level of attentiveness of the waiters was visible. Good food plus good service plus excellent ambiance, how could you go wrong?

Cafe Ysabel Final Set001

Double Pepperoni – Double cheese and double pepperoni pizza (Sean’s all-time Cafe Ysabel favorite)
Cafe Ysabel 2011137 copy

Mariscada – Mixed seafood in herbs, olive and tomato sauce
Cafe Ysabel 2011142 copy

Lapu-Lapu Al Graten – A pre-war favorite, cooked the Spanish way with red wine, cheese and tomatoes
Cafe Ysabel 2011144 copy

Salmon Ala Griglia – Grilled fillet with red wine sauce and kalamata olive puree
Cafe Ysabel 2011145 copy

Lapu-Lapu in Lemon Butter Sauce
Cafe Ysabel 2011147 copy

Bobby Chinn’s Bruschetta – a flat bread of goat and fresh cheeses, smoked tomatoes, fresh arugula and red wine shallots with prosciutto
Cafe Ysabel 2011148 copy

Cheese and Mushroom Risotto (I love risotto. But this was a bit salty for my taste.)
Cafe Ysabel 2011149 copy

Junjun’s Chocolate Souffle – Served with Amaretto sauce (Happy food!)
Cafe Ysabel 2011154 copy

Gelati Di Casa – Cafe Ysabel’s very own ice cream done using the Italian method
Cafe Ysabel 2011155 copy

After Dining
Cafe Ysabel 2011136 copy

Restaurant: Café Ysabel
Address: 455 P. Guevarra St., San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number: +63.2.725-5089
Budget: PHP 300 – 1000 per person


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