Food Trip: Bag of Beans, Tagaytay

03 April 2011


Food Trip: Bag of Beans, Tagaytay


It has been years since I last went to Bag of Beans for coffee. Approximately 4 years later, am back, not just for BOB’s coffee but for a quick dinner too.

Bag of Beans 026


You probably would have already seen this place when you got stuck in traffic in the Mendez intersection. At first one would have thought it’s just a small simple cafe where one could quickly grab a hot steaming coffee and some freshly baked pastries.


But lo and behold, when you descend to the garden, Bag of Beans is neither small nor simple. It is not just a cafe at all. The coffee shop, after all, is a real open air garden restaurant. Guests are free to choose from the several mini spaces to dine in.


Entrance to the garden
Bag of Beans 004


Cozy Corners
Bag of Beans 006 copy

Bag of Beans 008

Bag of Beans 007

Bag of Beans 002


Dinner at Bag of Beans was delightful, primarily due to the restaurant’s nice ambiance – think Sonya’s Secret Garden and Isabelo Restaurant-style. Ambiance was great! Bag of Beans has lots of romantic nooks, comfortable mini spaces, and picture-perfect spots.

However, our dinner did not turn out well. My order of Chicken Kiev was a bit over-cooked, tough, and a bit bland for my taste. The pasta was a bit bland too. Our best friends for the night were Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper.

Bag of Beans 021

Bag of Beans 020 copy


Despite the bland taste of food, I still do like Bag of Beans for its ambiance and desserts. But moving forward, I would probably stick to Bag of Beans best sellers – – BOB breakfast, coffee, desserts, pastries, and English pies.


Food Spot: Bag of Beans
Address: 115 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City, Philippines
Telephone Number: +6346.413.4356 / +6346.413.2724
Budget: PHP 50 – 250 per person

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2 thoughts on “Food Trip: Bag of Beans, Tagaytay

  1. Bag of Bean Coffee is the best I have took so far.
    I am going to Manila in the middle of March from Tokyo Japan ,but this time I can not spare the time to visit to Tagaytai city due to my tight schedule of my tour, so I like to know if I can procure the bag of bean coffee in Manila ciry.
    Looking forward to your kind reply,
    Best Regards

    • Hi. Unfortunately, to date, there’s only one “Bag of Beans” branch. The sole branch is in Tagaytay. However, if you are looking for coffee beans, several high-end supermarkets and grocery stores in Metro Manila have them. However, these beans are not as fresh as the ones you may get in nearby provinces such as Batangas.

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