Travel: Gota Village @ Caramoan Island

10 November 2010


Travel: Gota Village @ Caramoan Island


I first heard about Caramoan more than a year ago from friends at work. The small town of Caramoan is a beautiful rugged place of land extending into blue-green waters. I just had to see it for myself. Hence, when I was invited to go to CamSur with a group of friends, my first request was to go on a sidetrip to Caramoan Island. Request approved.


Sidetrip. Ahhh let me rephrase. It wasn’t merely a sidetrip. Guests of Caramoan had to go out of their way to go to the island. From Naga, one had to endure an hour-long roadtrip, a 2-hour-long boatride, and an hour-long rough road ride.


I was given the freehand to choose and book the rooms in Caramoan. My first option was Gota Village. Gota Village in Caramoan is a top end resort, owned by the province of Camarines Sur.


Waiting for the 11 AM boat trip.
Gota Caramoan 001 copy


Boats cannot go near the water at lowtide. Hence, boatmen and portmen would gladly carry guests on their shoulders to and from the boat.
Gota Caramoan 014 copy


Enduring the two-hour long boatride.
Gota Caramoan 027 copy


Powdery White Sand
Gota Caramoan 032 copy


Glass surface
Gota Caramoan 036 copy


Gota Village Facilities
Front Desk
Gota Caramoan 042 copy


Gota Caramoan 041 copy

Gota Caramoan 038 copy


Gota Caramoan 048 copy

Gota Caramoan 044 copy


Gota Village is home to three Survivor Sets
On the way to the Survivor Sets
Gota Caramoan 052
Gota Caramoan 053 copy


Caramoan has been a favorite site for international franchises of Survivor. The place hosted Survivors Serbian versions, Sweden version, Israel versions, Bulgarian version, and French version.

Survivor Serbia Set
Gota Caramoan 057
Gota Caramoan 061 copy
Gota Caramoan 062 copy
Gota Caramoan 067 copy
Gota Caramoan 068 copy
Gota Caramoan 074 copy


Survivor Sweden Set
Gota Caramoan 086 copy
Gota Caramoan 090
Gota Caramoan 091 copy
Gota Caramoan 092 copy
Gota Caramoan 094
Gota Caramoan 097 copy


Gota 2 Beach
Gota Caramoan 120 copy
Gota Caramoan 114 copy
Gota Caramoan 139


What’s left of Survivor France Set
Gota Caramoan 140 copy


Up the View Deck
Gota Caramoan 164 copy
Gota Caramoan 169 copy


Beach Beach Beach
Gota Caramoan 146 copy
Gota Caramoan 176 copy
Gota Caramoan 198


Back to Gota Village
Gota Caramoan 178 copy
Gota Caramoan 180 copy
Gota Caramoan 207 copy
Gota Caramoan 209 copy


Leaving Caramoan – a glimpse of Mount Mayon and its perfect cone
Gota Caramoan 212


After Caramoan, our next Camarines Sur stop was Camarines Watersports Complex (CWC) to try wakeboarding.


Place: Gota Village
Address: Gota Village, Caramoan Island
Telephone Number: +63.54.477.3172
Budget: PHP 4000 for roundtrip airfare
PHP 700 for van rental from Naga airport to Sabang Port
PHP 120 boat fare
PHP 3000 per room per night
PHP 300 per complete meal
TBA other activities such as trekking, snorkeling, island hopping
Others: Gota Village is only open when it’s Survivor-free. It’ll be open until January 5, 2011.

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