Food Trip: Isabelo

18 December 2010


Food Trip: Isabelo


November is one of my family’s busy months, primarily because of two events – – my younger brother’s and my dad’s birthdays.


Instead of giving material presents for birthdays, I usually give my fam and closest friends the lifetime gifts of experience — experiences of travel, experiences of good out-of-town or out-of-the-country vacations, and (my fave) gastronomic experiences.


For my Dad’s and my bro’s birthdays, I let them gastronomically experience Isabelo’s.


Isabelo is a hidden personal service garden restaurant in Marikina. I have spent a big chunk of my life in Marikina, but this is the initial time that I get to experience Isabelo first hand. It is a resto garden of an 80-year-old house nestled in the heart of Marikina. Ms. Portia does the cooking herself, and also personally welcomes her guests as soon as guests arrive.


Different dining areas of Isabelo. Dining on wooden tables set on creative mosaic floorings, under dainty vines with hanging flowers while savoring each dish served in large, hand-painted dinnerware or countryside-inspired wooden boards. Note that all ingredients are handpicked and bought daily to ensure freshness in every prepared meal.


Dining al fresco
Isabelo's 001 copy
Isabelo's 007 copy
Isabelo's 014 copy
Isabelo's 020 copy
Isabelo's 022 copy
Isabelo's 024 copy
Isabelo's 025 copy
Isabelo's 028 copy


I opted to have my family dine in the Art Room (with paintings and copper collection all around).
Isabelo's 012 copy
Isabelo's 015 copy
Isabelo's 018 copy
Isabelo's 019 copy


Love Love Love the food
Spinach Artichoke Dip
Isabelo's 032 copy


Baked Oysters
Isabelo's 034 copy
Isabelo's 035 copy


Beef Bourguignon served with crusted ciabatta slices
Isabelo's 044 copy


Seared Tuna with Mango Salsa
Isabelo's 047 copy


Roasted Pork Crackling served with 4 special sauces
Isabelo's 043 copy


Lemon parslied garlic rice (perfect with Roasted Pork Crackling)
Isabelo's 045 copy


I failed to have dessert, as I had to run to a company Christmas event. My fam stayed behind and had
WaterMelon Sorbet and Mango Float.
Isabelo's 050 copy


It’s now challenging to look for a resto with a great ambience and extremely delish food, as either the former or the latter gets sacrificed. Isabelo’s meets expectations for both. I’ll definitely bring more friends and loved ones to this secret resto garden in Marikina — After making reservations (read: walk-ins are highly discouraged).


Restaurant: Isabelo
Address: Marikina City (book online to receive an Isabelo map)
Telephone Number: +63.2.510.6914 / +63.908.740.1645
Budget: I allotted PHP 3500 for an entire meal good for 5 pax
Open on: Mon – Sun: 6 PM – midnight
Others: Servings are generous in size. Good for 2-4 pax, some at 5-8 pax and even 10-12!

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