Travel: Binondo, Manila (Through My Lens)

14 September 2010


Travel: Binondo, Manila (Through My Lens)


Binondo is an enclave in Manila primarily populated by Chinese immigrants who have decided to live in the Philippines.


“Prior to Makati, Binondo was the main center for business and finance in Manila for the Chinese, Chinese mestizos and Spanish Filipinos. Before World War II there was a bustling banking and financial community which included insurance companies, commercial banks and other financial institutions from Britain and the United States.” — wikipedia


Binondo was also the birthplace of St. Lorenzo Ruiz, a mestizo de sangley who would later become the First Filipino Saint.


UP Photography Class Batch 25 has been putting off its 2nd photowalk since March 2010. Six months after, the Binondo walk finally pushed through. Photowalk was open to UP Photography Batch 25 and friends.


Binondo Church (formal name: Minor Basilica of St. Lorenzo Ruiz)
Binondo Photowalk 012
Binondo Photowalk 007
Binondo Photowalk 009
Binondo Photowalk 021


Saying a Prayer or Two
Binondo Photowalk 022
Binondo Photowalk 010


Binondo Photowalk 008


forgotten offerings outside the church
Binondo Photowalk 014


sitting beggar’s view
Binondo Photowalk 023


Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz
Binondo Photowalk 015


Chinese merchants have their own volunteer fire brigades
Binondo Photowalk 001
Binondo Photowalk 004


Tasty Dumplings
Binondo Photowalk 003


Calesas still continue to be one of the major means to go from one place to another around Binondo
Binondo Photowalk 006
Binondo Photowalk 016


Famous Ongpin and Juan Luna streets
Binondo Photowalk 011
Binondo Photowalk 013


Real Life Binondo
Binondo Photowalk 002
Binondo Photowalk 017
Binondo Photowalk 028


Fave place to shoot
Binondo Photowalk 018
Binondo Photowalk 029

Last Shot Before Heading Home (blurring out background for privacy purposes)
mai at binondo


Binondo at dusk

Ahhh. Beautiful. Just Beautiful.

Binondo Photowalk 030


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