One of a Kind Cooking Workshop: Pino Kitchen Studio

11 September 2010


One of a Kind Cooking Workshop: Pino Kitchen Studio


Hectic Thursday afternoon.
1. Had three hours-worth-of-sleep (Zzzz. Prepared the presentation to the Center Manager the night before.)
2. PTC @ Ateneo (my little boy’s 2nd honor + will receive Subject Excellence Award in Language = Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy.)
3. Pino Kitchen Studio Open House
4. UP Diliman meet-up
5. Nikon meet-up
6. Office at 7 PM for Center Manager Presentation Prep


The highlight of the day was the Pino Kitchen Studio Open House. Been looking forward to it the whole week (Thanks Chef Ed for the invite). However given the delays at the PTC, I had to make up for lost minutes by speed driving down Katipunan Avenue-CP Garcia-Maginhawa St-and-Malingap St — sometimes my (un)glorious days of illy drag racing pay off, to dad’s dismay. But that’s a different story.


2:45 PM @ Pino Kitchen Studio atop Pino Resto Bar.

Read Pino Resto Bar review here plus its sister restos’ reviews too: BRGR Project and Muruve by Pino.


Pino Kitchen Studio is a culinary workshop for aspiring cooks and regular foodies, offering daily hands on classes and culinary demonstrations from basic to advanced culinary skills.


“Pino Resto Bar’s Executive Chef Edward Bugia, along with business partners PJ Lanot and Star Jose, team up with Qtv Celebrity chefs Nino Logarta and Jonah Trinidad to establish a one of a kind cooking workshop that aims to cater to the growing “foodie” market in the country. Pino Kitchen Studio will offer a variety of short courses that will range from various basic International cuisines to specialty lessons for housewives, kids, household help, and more! Students can choose between day seminars and monthly/weekly short courses. Weekend classes will also be made available.


Pino Kitchen Studio will also have classes that will boast a rotating array of guest celebrity chefs, entrepreneurs, and experts in various specialized fields such as business franchising, food styling, coffee appreciation and the like. It will also be made available for functions such as private cooking lessons, events, small caterings and photo shoots. If you are in any way in need of a fully furnished kitchen facility with a complete array of equipment, tools and support staff, then Pino Kitchen Studio is perfect for you!


Pino Kitchen Studio, the newest addition to the Pino group of restaurants and concepts, is located at 39 Malingap St., Teacher’s Village, Quezon City. Pino Kitchen Studio is right on top of Pino Resto Bar. Open daily, 9am onwards. For inquiries, please contact 0906 5768094 or add [them] on Facebook for a complete list and schedule of classes.” — from PKS kit


Pino Kitchen Studio

Pino Kitchen Studio 003
Pino Kitchen Studio 002
Pino Kitchen Studio 001


Our good-looking*** culinary professors for the day. — Qtv Celebrity chefs Jonah Trinidad, Nino Logarta and Pino Resto Bar’s Executive Chef Edward Bugia.
***Yes, chefs, you can thank me later. 😉

Pino Kitchen Studio 004


Qtv Celebrity chef Nino Logarta

Pino Kitchen Studio 005


…and the ladle (sorry, the photographer in me couldn’t resist to do a bokeh)
Pino Kitchen Studio 008


Qtv Celebrity chef Jonah Trinidad

Pino Kitchen Studio 009


What’s cooking?
Paella Valenciana — Chef Nino’s version
Pino Kitchen Studio 010

Pino Kitchen Studio 018


Manila Clams Al Ajillo — Chef Jonah’s
Pino Kitchen Studio 012

Pino Kitchen Studio 011


Demo before our actual hands-on
Pino Kitchen Studio 006


Preparing our ingredients
Pino Kitchen Studio 013


Manila Clams Al Ajillo — My and Joseph’s* version
*of Appetite magazine-fame

Pino Kitchen Studio 015

Pino Kitchen Studio 014


Yep, our Manila Clams Al Ajillo turned out well. Thanks to Chef Nino’s close coaching and mentoring.

Pino Kitchen Studio 016


Pino Kitchen Studio’s Open House Class

Pino Kitchen Studio 019

Pino Kitchen Studio 020


Met new friends. Learned something new. Had super super super fun. Two thumbs up.


Can’t wait for my girl friends to experience this for themselves too (Don’t worry girls. I’m cooking up something for you. Wait til my 30th! Surprise. Surprise.).


Kitchen: Pino Kitchen Studio
Address: 39 Malingap St. Teachers Village, Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone Number: +63.906.576.8094
Others: Open from 9 a.m.

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