Event: Loving CATS in Manila

23 August 2010


Event: Loving CATS in Manila


Yeyeht invited me to watch CATS and go backstage to take pictures (and enjoy a 20% ticket price discount too) 3 weeks ago. Had to turn down several birthday invitations of colleagues, friends, and Sean’s classmates to attend the supposedly last show of CATS in the CCP Main Theater.


Circling CCP before and after the show
CATS065 copy

CATS068 copy

CATS072 copy


CATS Synopsis
Tonight is the annual special night when the Jellicle Cats tribe reunites to celebrate who they are. Old Deuteronomy, their leader will also choose which one of the Jellicle Cats will journey to the Heaviside Layer to be reborn into the new life!

cats cover
*photo from the CATS souvenir program*


Love Lea Salonga’s performance as Grizabella in Act 2 when she sang “Memory.” We could have enjoyed the performance better if the audience did not applaud in the middle of her performance — during the climax of the song.
cats leah copy

*photo from the CATS souvenir program*


It was a pleasant surprise that there was a Tagalog translation of “Memory” sung by the other actors.

I was particularly drawn to Rum Tum Tugger (probably due to his big ruffled collar — another piece of inspiration for a new piece of clothing?) . The Rum Tum Tugger is a playful prankster that female cats find very attractive.

cats lion king copy

*photo from the CATS souvenir program*


Old Deuterenomy – leader of the Jellicle cats

cats dem copy

*photo from the CATS souvenir program*


Excellent choreography reflective of imposing the kind of feline movement and reaction while interpreting human emotions.

cats split air copy

*photo from the CATS souvenir program*


Could have enjoyed the show more if there was better acoustics. Some of the cats’ voices were unclear.


Overall, love cats in Manila (Yes, Lee Ann. Lavish lashes still in tact. No crying done. =P)

CATS057 copy

cats back copy
*photo from the CATS souvenir program*


Event: CATS in Manila
Venue: CCP Main Theater (aka Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo)
Ticket Sale: http://www.ticketworld.com

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