Travel: (Time Travel) Cubao Expo Revisited

28 July 2010


Travel: (Time Travel) Cubao Expo Revisited


Lost. Broken. Confused. Waiting. Getting Angry. Ultimately Depressed. Still Waiting. Still Waiting. Still Waiting.


I needed time for myself. The weekends are always full of activities for loved ones. I needed some alone-time. I needed more time for photography. I needed more pamper-me-time. The solution? Try to file for leave every Friday. The result? Leaves granted! Woohooo!


My car needed “pamper-me” time too. Hence, the first day of my series of Friday get-aways started at the Auto Centro. At least seven Manongs from the different stores kept on asking if I went to the Auto Centro alone. For at least seven times I’ve patiently replied, “Yes, sir.”


It’s typical stereotype, ladies. Ladies don’t need to rely on a guy to help them take care of their cars, change wheeels, or put some bling blings on them. Girls, you gotta know how to take care of your own auto to stop this stereotyping once and for all.


Had some bulbs changed at Banawe and Kamias. Was looking for some rain gutter for the car since last week, to no avail.

Cubao Expo 001 copy


Had to see Miss Ann of Tamee Marketing at Auto Centro Cubao. She ordered a set of car visor/rain gutter for me, to be made available next week. Ann also saw my malfunctioned power door and immediately asked for someone to fix it — free of charge (Thanks Ann. I’ll see you next week to install the visor/rain gutters).

Cubao Expo004 copy


After the car’s pamper-me time, I then proceeded to the nearby quaint and quirky Cubao Expo.

Cubao Expo024 copy


I have first been at the Cubao Expo area 20 years ago. It was then called Marikina Shoe Expo. Some of the quaint stores are still there. Several have already left the area and relocated. I have visited some of these restos and stores in their new locations (case in point: black soup cafe + art space. See review here.). It’s always fun to go back to the original place and reminisce.

Cubao Expo006 copy

Cubao Expo017 copy

Cubao Expo015 copy


The Reading Room. Desperate for answers nobody could give? Set up an appointment with Sandy at the Reading Room for Soul Reading. Be ready to face the truth. Prepare your handkerchief for a serious crying session. (Thanks for the pieces of advice, Sandy. Oh, I forgot to ask if I could upgrade my car next quarter. I want a new SUV!).

Cubao Expo008 copy


Bellini’s. Tired after a serious crying session at the Reading Room? Have lunch at Bellini’s. Truly Italian and fully owned by a former Paparazzi. See review here.

Cubao Expo 010 copy


Genshiken Anime. Genshiken Anime houses dolls for girls and action figures for boys. New toys and old vintage toys can be found here.

Cubao Expo009 copy


RR. For some serious patronage of Corporate Social Responsiblity, Rajo’s contribution to society via the hand-made Rajo rags bags from Payatas are available at the RR outlet.

Cubao Expo016 copy


‘ve had my dose of reminiscing. I’m ready to move to the next place in today’s itinerary. Pamper-me-time continues at the dental center, then off to Menage salon at Gateway for a new hair style.


Travel Date: 16 July 2010
Budget: TBA
Address: Araneta Center
Telephone Number: TBA
Website: TBA

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