Travel: Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center

11 July 2010


Travel: Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center


After Sunday Eucharistic mass and worship at the PICC, Sean and I didn’t know where to have lunch. Whenever we’re at the Mall of Asia area, we usually dine at Hooters. But not this time, as I wanted a different ambiance. I wanted something more Filipino-ish. Hence, Sean and I ended up at Kalye Juan (blog to be posted soon).


I didn’t want to go home yet. After lunch, I decided to spend quality time with the little boy at the Nido Science Discovery Center at the MOA. I’ve read a lot about this place. Time to check it out.


“The Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center (NFSDC) is the first Technology-Based, Highly Interactive Science Learning theme park in the country, housed in a 3000 square meter, two-level facility in the SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. SM SDC is devoted to providing the public- kids and adults alike- entertainment, fun, and most of all, a highly interactive way to learn and appreciate Science and Technology.” — Nido Fortefied Science Discovery Center Official Website


Nido Science Discovery Center Entrance on a Sunday afternoon.

Nido Discovery Center199 copy

Nido Discovery Center242 copy


Most, if not all of the zones were sponsored. See the pictures below and figure out who the sponsors are.


First stop was the main attraction — movie at the Digistart Planetarium.
Up the stairs.
Nido Discovery Center200 copy

Nido Discovery Center202 copy

Nido Discovery Center201 copy


After the movie, Sean met some new friends. The boys started chasing Bugs at the Bug Carpet

Nido Discovery Center203 copy

Nido Discovery Center232 copy


Image port gallery – photo and printer products and services.
Nido Discovery Center204 copy

Nido Discovery Center213 copy


Sandbox – playing games on laptops and mobile phones.
Nido Discovery Center214 copy

Nido Discovery Center205 copy

Nido Discovery Center210 copy


Gesturetek (aka Smart Media City) – Interactive Media Games such as virtual volleyball, soccer, swimming, etc.

Nido Discovery Center212 copy


Attempting to hit the ball
Nido Discovery Center208 copy

Nido Discovery Center211 copy


Second Zone: Transportation Nation. Transportation Nation had several games and displays. Sean’s favorite in the entire Discovery Center was the flight stimulator. After each game, he was announcing that he wanted to become a pilot someday. (My silent reaction: Gulp. Gotta save more kaching kaching.)

Nido Discovery Center216 copy

Nido Discovery Center220 copy

Nido Discovery Center217 copy

Nido 224

Nido Discovery Center221 copy


Shell acquired the Philippines’ first automobile.
Nikon Photos 099 copy


Grossology was the next zone, inclusive of well, gross stuff such as belching giant, taking out body organs, etc.

Nido Discovery Center226 copy

Nido Discovery Center228 copy


Shadow Wall features a wall which captures shadows.

Nido Discovery Center229 copy

Nido Discovery Center230 copy


Gravitram for gravity balls exhibit. Metallic balls go through the 3d maze over and over and over and over again.
Nido Discovery Center231 copy


There were more zones at the second floor. The first zone we visited was the Virtual Reef zone.

Nido Discovery Center241 copy

Nido Discovery Center233 copy


Talking to Mr. T. — This virtual fish was highly interactive — and talkative too. Fish was initially talking to little boy Sean. I couldn’t remember how I and the fish ended up hoarding most of the conversation — to delight of the other guests.

Nido Discovery Center235 copy


Earthquake Experience teaches kids more about fault lines, earthquake safety tips, tsunamis, etc.
Nido Discovery Center236 copy


Robot Inc houses different samples of robotics like Astroboy.
Nido Discovery Center238 copy

Nido Discovery Center237 copy

Nido Discovery Center239 copy

Nido Discovery Center240 copy


It was challenging to convince Sean to leave the Discovery Center. Had to scare him off his wits to force him to leave. You might have the same challenge with your little ones too once you bring them to the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center. Good luck! =)


Travel Date: 10 July 2010
Budget: PHP 600 for two
Address: Southside Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
Telephone Number: (632) 556.2153 / (632) 556.2194
Others: Entrance ticket is inclusive of one free pass at the Planetarium. However, you may watch as many movies as you want — on the premise that you do not leave the planetarium.

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