Food Trip: Volare

26 July 2010


Food Trip: Volare


I was at Volare Restaurant almost a year ago. I know. I know. This review is way overdue.


Volare is a restaurant run by the infamous chef from Amici and Joey Pepperoni — Chef Giorgio. It is a small Italian restaurant located at the Gateway area, offering reasonably priced Italian food in a comfortable casual dining setting.




Volare’s pizzas are made with fresh, imported ingredients sourced from Italian suppliers. Chef Giorgio Buccarelli highlights the best of Italian cuisine in his restaurant.


Spaghetti Vongole E Gaamberetti – Spag with Clams, Shrimps, Anchovies, Tomatoes, Red wine


Risotto ai Funghi Porcini — my fave Italian dish of all time


Tutta Carne Pizza – the boys’ fave pizza


Chef Giorgio has been a chef since he was 15 and being Italian, he runs his business and cooks his food with Amore (love in Italian).


Me and Chef Giorgio – photo taken by Arman almost a year ago.



Wine and wine glasses used on a daily basis. The sight of two tables occupied by Italian diners only boosted our confidence that we had chosen our restaurant well. Note that Chef Giorgio and his friends dine in Volare everyday. It’s the only restaurant in the Gateway area where true authentic Italian friends dine and wine.



Was missing Volare’s pepperoni pizza and its risotto recently. Hence, when I found myself in the Gateway area this weekend — after standing in line for 30 minutes to buy cinema tickets, I knew that I needed to visit Volare.


Lo and behold. Volare was not in existence anymore. A new restaurant stands in its place. However, we saw familiar faces — familiar Italian faces at that. Chef Giorgo himself welcomed us to his newly named restaurant — Va Pensiero.


Review of Chef Giorgo’s restaurant to be posted real soon.

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