Food Trip: Revisiting Cafe Ysabel

22 July 2010


Food Trip: Revisiting Cafe Ysabel


Cafe Ysabel is one of my fave restaurants given its affordability, ambiance, and photography-friendly facade. This restaurant has been in existence for 25 years.

Cafe Ysabel Final Set001

Cafe Ysabel Final Set003

Cafe Ysabel Final Set002


“The restaurant is a cultural and architectural landmark in Metro Manila. The cafe is housed in a refurbished 1927 ancestral home furnished with period furniture and wooden ceiling fans in a glass enclosed porch overlooking a tree laden garden. This provides setting the mood for a relaxing meal with the warmth of being in a grand home while being served quality cuisine.” —


I always reserve a table or two (or the big room if there are at least 8 of us in the group) before going to the resto. Given that Cafe Ysabel is the restaurant of Center for Asian Culinary Studies, several would-be-chefs hang around the resto on a regular basis.
Left room for reservation
Cafe Ysabel Final Set004


Whenever I’m with few (smoking) friends, they usually request that I reserve us a table at the main dining resto.
Cafe Ysabel Final Set005

Cafe Ysabel Final Set006

Cafe Ysabel Final Set007


Double Pepperoni – double cheese and double pepperoni pizza. Sean’s fave Cafe Ysabel food.
Cafe Ysabel Final Set008


Norwegian Salmon Steak – with your own choice of grilled apples with horseradish cream, lemon cream, creamy orange butter or dill sauce
Cafe Ysabel Final Set009


Bobby Chinn’s Bruschetta – a flat bread of goat and fresh cheeses, smoked tomatoes, fresh arugula and red wine shallots with

Cafe Ysabel Final Set010


Harvest Salmon Steak – grilled fillet with red wine sauce and Greek olive puree
Cafe Ysabel Final Set011


Spicy Lamb Kebabs – grilled skewered cubes of lamb served with Kabbsa rice
Cafe Ysabel Final Set012


Seafood, Saffron, Prosciutto, Arborio Rice Risotto – my fave Cafe Ysabel dish
Cafe Ysabel Final Set013


I truly madly deeply love Vietnamese coffee! (Oops — I hope my new dentists aren’t reading this. I’m banned off coffee for a month to avoid staining my new ‘perfect-smile-took-7-hrs to-beautify-(?!?)’ teeth. Sorry Doc Coy and Doc Pia. Promise, my next coffee session will be mid August).
Cafe Ysabel Final Set014



Restaurant: Cafe Ysabel
Address: 455 P. Guevarra Street, San Juan Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number: +632.726.9326 and +632.725.5089
Budget: PHP 250 – 1000 per person

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