Travel: Tam-awan Village

10 May 2010


Travel: Tam-awan Village


Baguio is well-known for its cool afternoons and chilly nights. By and large, Filipinos head to the pine city to escape Manila’s excruciating heat. Hence, when Manila’s temperature hit 37 degrees Celsius, it was time to head to the Pine City!


But I did not merely go to Baguio to escape the summer heat, nor did I ask my family to go with me to go just eat at our favorite Baguio restos. I particularly persuaded my family to go up to Baguio with me, as I wanted to visit a village — an artists colony set amid a charming collection of Ifugao and Kalinga huts. This artists’ colony is called Tam-awan Village.


Tam-awan village is located at the northwestern part of Baguio City and is a venue for showcasing Cordilleran art and Kalinga cultural activities and history.

Tam-Awan Village031 copy

Tam-Awan Village001 copy


Entrance fee to the village is extremely affordable. For PHP 50 (PHP 30 for seniors and PHP 20 for kids), you are given a map, you can then explore the grounds, which includes an Art Gallery, a Coffee Shop, the different huts and areas used for workshops, huts that you can rent overnight, and huts housing paintings and drawing which are put up for sale by many well-known artists.

Tam-Awan Village006 copy

Tam-Awan Village022 copy


Note that village is located beside the mountain. Expect to go up and down several steps.

Tam-Awan Village002 copy

Tam-Awan Village004 copy

Tam-Awan Village003 copy


Igorots showing their dance.

Tam-Awan Village012 copy

Tam-Awan Village010 copy


The Igorot huts in Tam-awan village give visitors an idea on how the homes of the mountain people look like. On the premise that certain huts are not reserved by guests (yes, huts can be reserved overnight), visitors may climb up the wooden ladder and see what is inside each hut. Since these huts were set up on different locations on a hillside, visitors have to climb up the steep pathways to go from one hut to another.


Luccong house – Igorot women who want to get pregnant stay overnight in this hut. Â The Luccong house is available for rent for tourists at a minimal fee.

Tam-Awan Village016 copy


Alang – Â Ifugao Rice Granary Hut

Tam-Awan Village028 copy


Cordillera Art

Tam-Awan Village020 copy

Tam-Awan Village011 copy



Travel Date: 08 May 2010
Place: Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
Address: 366-C Pinsao Proper, 2600 Baguio City
Telephone Number: +074. 446.2949
Guests will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the low-lying areas of La Union Province and the Gulf of Lingayen if they go to the hut located at the highest point in the village. Ensure to climb before the afternoon fog rises to ensure visibility.

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