Travel: Pahiyas Festival at Lucban, Quezon

06 June 2010


Travel: Pahiyas Festival at Lucban, Quezon


The highlight of the Ultimate Pahiyas and Viaje del Sol tour was the Lucban Pahiyas Festival. The Pahiyas festival’s name comes from the Filipino terms hiyas (jewel) and pahiyas (precious offering). This festival is an old farmers’ harvest celebration that dates back to the 16th century. According to legend, San Isidro Labrador magically plowed the field whenever he went out of the church. This is the story that the Spaniards passed on to the Philippines from Mexico during their colonial period. Since then, the Pahiyas Festival has been a source of excitement for the locals and visitors of Quezon Province.


On our way to Quezon with the best Quezon tour guide, Tina Decal (highly recommended by the Ultimate Brothers)

Lucban002 copy copy


Our Lucban Headquarters and Snacks Place — Cafe San Luis
Lucban009 copy

Lucban011 copy

Lucban013 copy


In, Out, and Around Lucban Church

Lucban018 copy


ooohh… Illac Diaz in the red jacket with a Nikon cam?

Lucban019 copy

Lucban020 copy


Vendors vendors vendors and vendors

Lucban025 copy

Lucban026 copy


The parade! The parade!!!
marching band
Lucban004 copy

Lucban071 copy


People of all ages came out to watch the parade.
Lucban061 copy


carabaos dressed and painted
Lucban014 copy


decorated carts
Lucban015 copy


The highlight of the festival is a procession along the streets of the image of San Isidro Labrador. The procession features a pair of giant papier maché figures of a farmer and his wife.

Lucban056 copy


All the locals’ houses are decorated with agricultural harvest and colorful rice wafers called kiping. These thin wafers made from rice dough are usually arranged into two or three layers of chandeliers called aranya.


Touring the Town On My Own On Foot. Residents try to outdo each other in decorations in an annual competition as they vie for the honor of being recognized for their creativity. After the competition, the decorations of the house would be thrown away to the flock of people as free treats. Some residents would cook the kipings to make them rice crisps.

Lucban034 copy

Lucban053 copy

Lucban027 copy

Lucban050 copy

Lucban035 copy

Lucban036 copy

Lucban033 copy


Decorations – Up Close
Lucban045 copy


Mini Houses
Lucban059 copy

Lucban060 copy


Travel Date: 15 May 2010
Budget: Ultimate Pahiyas and Viaje del Sol tour — PHP 4,800 per person (all-in inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner, all entrance fees and demonstrations, tourist bus transportation, the best personal guide in Quezon — Tina Decal), plus surprises along the way.)
Place: Lucban, Quezon
Address: Lucban, Quezon
Telephone Number: TBA
Others: Ultimate San Isidro Festival and Viaje Del Sol Culinary Tour:

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