Travel: Mayohan at Tayabas, Quezon

06 June 2010


Travel: Mayohan at Tayabas, Quezon


Fourth stop of the Ultimate Pahiyas and Viaje del Sol tour participants was the Tayabas church.


As the entire Quezon province celebrated the Feast of San Isidro Labrador, every province had its own way of giving tribute to San Isidro. Tayabas every May 15th, celebrates Mayohan. Mayohan gives tribute to San Isidro with a procession.


The Tayabas Church
Tayabas024 copy

Tayabas026 copy

Tayabas023 copy


Inside the Church
Tayabas031 copy


The enormous church door
Tayabas034 copy


Kids getting ready for the Mayohan.

Tayabas027 copy

Tayabas028 copy

Tayabas030 copy

Tayabas033 copy


Travel Date: 15 May 2010
Budget: Ultimate Pahiyas and Viaje del Sol tour — PHP 4,800 per person (all-in inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner, all entrance fees and demonstrations, tourist bus transportation, the best personal guide in Quezon — Tina Decal), plus surprises along the way.)
Place: Tayabas Church
Address: Tayabas, Quezon
Telephone Number: TBA
Website: TBA
Others: Ultimate San Isidro Festival and Viaje Del Sol Culinary Tour:

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